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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wheat withdrawal...

Today I will tell you  about some of the withdrawal symptoms I have personally experienced on my new wheat free living plan. The first few days I had feelings of tiredness throughout the day. Not a exhausted kind of tired, but a kind of sleepiness that made me want to cuddle up with my cat and take a nap.I guess you could say it was more of a extremely relaxed kind of feeling, like a being in a fog. About the third day  most of this tiredness had lifted except until around four in the afternoon. Instead of giving in to the sleepiness I would do a few chores or run errands and it would pass.( remember...I am retired )

Now I am all for sleeping when I am tired as I have had quite a history of having trouble falling asleep over the  past few years.  Financial stresses, crises with family, or even everyday experiences would keep me awake for hours after retiring with thoughts of everyday problems whirling through my mind. I would count  sheep, think good thoughts, take a warm shower, sing peaceful songs in my mind, you name it I have tried it!

I have found since day one of eliminating wheat from my diet that I have virtually "slept like a baby" as the saying goes. It is almost as if I were asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Okay, so I have been awakened on occasion by that nighttime bathroom run, of by a thunder storm, yet I would immediately fall back to sleep. All in all, these past few nights have been the most peaceful and restful nights sleep I have had in years!

If you venture on this wheat free living journey with me I suggest you keep a log of your withdrawal symptoms. Not only do I sleep better but I also awake better. My body is awake and ready to go after just eight hours of restful sleep, as apposed to having to force myself out of bed. Food tastes so much better and I have learnt to appreciate the tastes and textures more. I eat slower because I enjoy every bite, and I seem to stay full longer. My cravings for sweets is not so strong and I find that even a small piece of chocolate satisfy's me as much as a whole candy bar use to. Wow....I am really coming to like this new me!

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Mark Blue said...

Kudos on your success! The only thing I wish was being posted more about this addiction is the science in layman's terms. I am almost past the symptoms of withdrawal myself, but would have liked to understand them better. If you know how the chemical addiction processes work, please post again! Thanks.