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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wheat free menu...Day 12

Wow what a week. I have been running here and there so eating on a regular schedule has been tough. Thank goodness for "freezer" options!


Scrambled egg with red bell pepper and mozzarella cheese


Rice burger
Vegetarian Baked beans
Potato Chips


Rice & Raisins / with milk


Rice pasta / Mariner sauce
Small salad I cheated a little this week and took a few measurements. Not where I had hoped to be at this point but at least I am staying the same. I need to rethink a few of the items I have been eating....Hummmm. Maybe not so much pasta this week or as many sugary snacks. I guess although they don't have wheat they DO have carbs and sugars. Du! Those second helpings didn't help much either!!! Well as the saying goes..."Try, then try again!

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