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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My personal challange... goes. I have created this blog as a personal diary of sorts. First  I will tell you a little about myself and why I am taking on the Wheat Free living challenge.
When I was in High School I weighed in between 107 - 112 lbs pretty much consistently. At only 5'2 1/2 inches I was pretty slim. I use to get teased that if I turned sideways I would look like thermometer! Those were the good old days! I am now in my beginning sixties, and although I don't expect to have the shape of a model,  I do expect that I should feel good about myself. Right?
I use to love to shop for clothes and pretty much felt good about the shape I was in until I reached my 40's then the weight around my middle seemed to suddenly appear from no where.
First, while in my late 40's,  I tried the Adkins Diet. After about 3 months on it, although I did loose 12 pounds of  weight,  I was only to find out that my cholesterol levels had shot up dramatically.
Second time around I tried Jenny Craig..I did loose 16 pounds here and actually became a Consultant with the company for awhile. Yet after beginning  once again to eat regular meals the weight slowly reappeared. I held my own for about 10 more year weighing in between 127 and 148.Well if that's what you can call holding your own. What I was holding was extra weight...
Five years ago I did the Jenny thing again and got down to 136 -138. Up - down..up - down...Wow I was beginning to feel like a yo-yo!
Last year my husband joined Weight Watchers at his place of employment. He is a diabetic, but he is also Italian and was raised on bread and pasta. I decided to go along for the journey so we figured out my points and watched as the pounds slowly came off. He lose much faster and much more so needless to say I was just a little jealous! Once again when I began to eat regular meals with regular breads and pasta's the weight slowly came back.
The past few years have been like a roller coaster what I eat and get down to a size 8. Slack off and get back up to a size 12.....
7 months ago I decided to try a Vegan diet. After about 5 months on it I finally realized something in a faint flicker of sanity...All of this soy was doing something to my body as well as my emotional state. I was gaining even more weight around my middle, crying at the least little thing, or getting angry at the stupidest things..WOW! Talk about a hormonal roller coaster ride!!!
Two weeks ago I went shopping for a pair of dress slacks and when I looked in the mirror, reality finally hit. I was still slim in all areas of my body except for my waist and stomach...I actually looked like I did when I was approximately seven months pregnant with my children.  Now this is a dose of reality! Needless to say I left the store empty handed...
Now I am not saying these diets don't work for some people. They work...until you go back to a regular eating plan for most that is, at least for me anyway.
One day as I was moping around feeling sorry for myself I was browsing through the mail and came across a booklet describing how you can loose weight by loosing the wheat in your diet. Yea sure I thought as I tossed the pamphlet aside. Later that week I found it laying on the table as I was cleaning house and decided to give it a read through. It was quite  interesting and after much consideration I decided to order the full book "Loose The Wheat, Lose The Weight, written by William Davis MD. who happens to be a top Cardiologist in his field.
Now I must admit I was skeptical about purchasing another "diet" plan, but this is not a is a life change. I was surprised what I have learnt about wheat and its history. Seems it is not as good for you as they try to make you believe. Okay so now I have the book in hand loaded with information and facts and think I will give it a go...
So as to be fair I must now explain that I have been eating wheat free for just five days now. I am sleeping much better and have definitely dropped my sugar cravings significantly. Yes I still eat sweets in moderation EVERY day but I definitely am seeing and feeling results.
In my next post I will be posting my measurements starting on day one up till now and foods that I have eaten on each of those days.
It is a learning experience for me and through my posts I will keep you updated on my personal challenge results.So until my next post...Happy living!

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