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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day Two...

Today is my second day of wheat free living. through day one. Hey, giving up wheat is a little easier than I had imagined it would be. Now don't get me wrong...I do miss the bread for the sandwiches for lunch and that Italian bread to scoop up my spaghetti sauce with, but until I find that wheat free bread that makes my mouth reel with delight, my wheat and gluten free crackers will have to do.With that said we will move on to my second day of meals.

2 scrambled eggs with onion.
1 Rice cake

I know...a rice cake does not make a great bread substitute, but it was enough of a filler that I maintained until lunch. As I said, I am still searching for that perfect wheat free bread!

1 small 8 oz glass Almond Milk (Trader Joe's brand)
2 Ginger Snaps  ( Trader Joe's  brand which are Gluten Free) A little to much ginger for my taste buds,  but over all just 2 cookies quenched my sweet tooth and carried me into lunch. If you like a stronger taste of ginger then these would be ideal for you. 5 cookies are 140 calories.

1/2 can Tuna mixed with onion, mayo and 1/4 of a diced apple  This combo helped me satisfy my sweet tooth with the sweetness of the added apple.
16 nut and rice crackers  (Blue Diamond brand)
Small side salad with olive oil and vinegar

Mashed potatoes
Quinoa  and turkey stuffed Green Peppers   (recipe found in Dr Davis's Loose The Wheat book ) Wow is all I can say to this recipe. I love stuffed green peppers and this one really set my taste buds on fire! I think I could have eaten the whole 9x13 pan of them but just one whole serving was all it took to satisfy my hunger.

Night time snack:
Handful of raw almonds

I was really amazed at the end of the day what little I had really eaten at each meal, and yet I felt satisfied and full. I guess when Dr Davis states that 'Wheat is an appetite stimulant"... he wasn't kidding. Without all that wheat in my system my cravings for more cookies, bagels, soft drinks and other wheat laden products are slowly disappearing.

Note*  Since your daily regulations will change by eliminating wheat as with any diet change, be sure to get adequate amounts of water daily. I personally have found drinking a mixture of very warm water, a squeeze of fresh lemon and 1 pkt of Splenda makes a very nice MOCK" lemon tea which I enjoy at least 3 times a day to help in daily regulation.

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