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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day one of Wheat Free Living for me:

I received my copy of Lose The Wheat, Loose The Weight  from Rodale written by William Davis MD in Thursday's  mail. I must admit that once I started reading it I found it quite hard to put down. All the information I had known about the benefits of wheat grain flew out the door...
Now I have to admit I am easily convinced and so that is the reason for this challenge to myself. If I was to be sure this wheat free eating plan was going to work for me I knew from past "DIETS" that the first thing I must do is weigh myself and take measurements. Taking this information in the morning  upon first waking  is the best time to do so. Also, weighing in only once a week at  the same time and day is important.  Weighing  yourself every day will only discourage you if you don't see immediate improvement. As with any eating plan there is usually no  any noticeable progress for at least a week.

 Before day one of my new eating plan these were my weight and measurements.:

Weight: 131.8 pounds ( unclothed )
Waist: 37 inches ( where waist is suppose to be )
Stomach: 40 inches ( around fullest part )
Hips: 38 1/2 inches ( Around fullest part )
Now to some of you these measurements might seem a bit funny and wonder why I am putting forth such effort,  but as I said before...for my height I look to be in my seventh month with child! Not funny to me.

Now on to my days intake of food for day 1 / Friday. Please remember that I just received the book and haven't had ample time to grocery shop for all the items the recipes in the book call for so I am 'making do" with what my local store offered on such short timing.

 2 sodium free rice cakes with peanut butter (Mother's brand)
Cup of tea with 2 pkt. Splenda

Handful of raw  almonds

Apple/Cranberry/Grilled Chicken salad from Burger King (took my own dressing of olive oil, vinigar and lemon juice)

I was too full  to eat dinner so I had  a handful of nut and rice crackers later in the evening ( Blue Diamond brand, wheat and gluten free ) These are absolutely delicious, a pleasant surprise!

I will post tomorrow for day two. Until then, Happy Living!

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