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Friday, March 30, 2012

Wheat free bread at last!!!

"When I woke up this morning, were on my mind......
I woke up this morning thinking about the warm slice of toast lathered in strawberry jam that I had promised  myself as a breakfast treat. Bread...bread at last!!! I have finally found the bread I had been searching for since my living wheat free journey began almost three full weeks ago.As most of you who have been reading my blog know I have been in search of that one special bread that could give me that " knock my socks off  kind of feeling. " Well I think I have finally found it.

I had received my gluten free bread mix  from King Arther Flour yesterday and decided with the cold weather outside to do some baking. The directions gave me the option to use melted butter or oil in the mixing process and I used canola oil when preparing my loaf. I used a regular non stick loaf pan which I had greased with shortening. I followed the recipe as directed and was amazed at the rise this wheat free gluten loaf  produced.

After baking the loaf  for just 50 minutes I tested the inside with a instant read thermometer to make sure it had reached the recommended 200-210 degrees. I turned the loaf out of the pan on a cooling rack and then admired the uniform crispness of the crust and the golden color, much like a regular loaf of homemade bread.

If it only tastes as good at it looks...After about 10 minutes of waiting I took my sharpest knife and sliced off the end crust. The texture was as good as any home made bread I can remember from my childhood. It  was soft and pliable, not like so many of the freezer bought wheat free, gluten free brands I have tried over the past weeks.

I smothered the warm slice in strawberry jam and took a bite...mmmmmm, now this is a real treat! Although the texture is slightly different than the wheat laden breads on the store shelves, this bread fits most of the qualities a good bread should have. Not only  was it wheat free, it was fresh with no additives. It had a crust which only a homemade loaf would have. It was not grainy in texture. It was moist and pliable  just like a bread should without breaking or crumbling. It makes 16 fairly large serving slices. Although the coloring  was slightly yellow ( I believe from the egg yokes, I will try 2 eggs and 2 egg whites next time to see if this helps in the coloring) the texture and taste were remarkable. Since it will only stay fresh a few days on the counter (lack of preservatives) I waited until the loaf had cooled then sliced it and  immediately put in the freezer in a freezer bag.

I have to admit that the one slice I kept out for my treat this morning was one of the best slices of wheat free, gluten free toast I have had in ages. I would recommend this product from King Author highly and give it a huge thumbs up!

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