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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week three weigh in...

Seems like I have been so busy posting product reviews and recipes  that I have neglected to post almost a weeks worth of my daily menus. I am sorry about that. Since this blog is mainly about my progress of loosing my WHEAT BELLY I will let the past daily menus posted be an "example" of what I will continue to be eating with the exception that I have now found a "bread" and will be replacing most  the crackers on those menus with bread.  Do note however that my plan is to have no more than two slices of bread in any given day, as bread of any form does contain quite a few carbs and added calories. I will also be replacing pasta as often as I can with zucchini, eggplant, or the 0 calorie noodles to the right of the blog to help limit even more carb intake because as I mentioned early on ...I do have a sweet tooth! I will also be posting new recipes as I try them.( If seeing the menus posted has helped you and you would like to continue to see the daily menu posted please leave me a comment in the comment box )

Listed  below are my personal results at the end of week three. As you will see, even though the weight stays around the same and the inches aren't rapidly melting off, I have definitely seen results which I am quite happy with. Maybe if I would stay away from those darn brownies from King Arthur Flour....but they are sooooooo good!

Week 1 weigh in:                                            Week 3 weigh in:

Weight         131.8                                          Weight       130.0
Waist            37 inch.                                      Waist         34 inch.
Stomach       40 inch.                                       Stomach     37 3/4 inch.
Hips             38 inch.                                       Hips           37 3/4 inch.

How are you doing???? Leave me a comment and let me know. Till next post....

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