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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Don't believe what they say about eating wheat...

For years I believed what I was told...that I was of English, American Indian and Irish descent. That is until years ago when I found out I had Dupuytren's Disease which the Doctor told me is mostly  noticeable  in people of Scottish decent. Doing a little family history background I found my fathers family is indeed from Scotland not Ireland...go figure. It really doesn't matter, because at my age I will most definitely never get to see either country unless I am blessed to win the lottery, so until then I will  dream.

To get to the matter at hand...I have also been told for years to eat more wheat. Products on the grocery store isles have packages proclaiming...Whole grain, multi grain. So years ago I started eating more whole grains. I also started gaining more weight around my middle. The rest of my body is still fairly thin but my middle section had me quite baffled!

As I had mentioned in my first post...I have tried Atkins, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and various other weight loss programs. I would loose the weight, and inches and then gain it all back again when returning to my normal eating patterns even though the portions were smaller. As you can see from my weigh in today compared to past weeks I have pretty much maintained or fluctuated slightly in some areas but please note that on my past weeks daily menu's I have added quite a few "sweet" snacks. Blame it on hormones or stress if you will, we all will have our ups and downs. Re-reading Dr Davis's book it seems that even by eliminating wheat from ones diet if you replace it with breads, cupcakes, and cookies that cause weight gain, sometimes dramatically even though  "wheat free" or "gluten free" products you will not see as noticeable of a difference in weight loss. Sugar is still sugar, and carbs are still carbs!

So this week I am going to try substituting my snacks for healthier less sugary items and see if I notice a difference next weigh in. If you are on this adventure with me I would love to hear your results and how you are doing. Please also share your personal recipes that are helping you on your way. Till next post....Happy wheat free living...

Weight: 130.4
Waist:   34 1/2 inches
Stomach:  38 inches
Hips:        37 3/4 inches

Note*  I have noticed a significant inch loss in my breast area even though measurements are not posted. This is the  area I usually loose inches in first.

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