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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quattrobimbi products from Italy...

With summer upon us I have been longing for some great pasta salad, so yesterday I decided to finally bread down and make some since I had received several packages of gluten free noodles from Quattrobimbi that I was anxious to try.

Now being fairly new to this wheat/gluten free lifestyle and still in the experimenting stages with many foods,  I have tried my fair share of different noodles and have had some not so favorable experiences with many, but this was not the case with this product. Although the noodles cooked up a little larger than most elbows I have been use to over the years,  the taste was remarkable.

The company has a expanding product line, LeVeneziane, Le Asolane, Farmo, and Farabella with products ranging from gluten free pastas to bread sticks, cake, bread and pizza mixes, gnocchi and even baked cookies.

The pasta I used was the MACCHERONCINI from their Bi Aglut line. Following the directions on the bag I cooked the noodles for exactly 8 minutes, setting my timer so as not to over cook. The noodles were plump with just the right texture and the taste was excellent. I really would have had a difficult time telling they were gluten free if I had not cooked them myself. To be honest I had to go back and check the labeling on the bag to be sure!

The ingredients listed are: Cornstarch,potato flour, lupin flour, lupin proteins, mono and diglycerides(emulsified) THIS PRODUCT IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH PEANUT ALLERGIES. CONTAINS LUPIN FLOUR AND LUPIN PROTEIN.

This is a product of Italy...boy do they know their pasta, and the particular Le Veneziane noodles I used are manufactured for H J  HEINZ Co. in Pittsburgh Pa., so you can probably find them at your local supermarket.

After tossing all my extra  ingredients in with the drained pasta I popped it in the refrigerator for about a hour and served it with BBQ ribs for dinner. My husband enjoyed every bite as did I, and he never asked if it was GF...(I am weening him off of wheat/gluten gradually without his knowledge).
Being an Italian himself I have to say he knows his pasta, and since he never asked if it was gluten free, says it all.

I would highly recommend this product and can't wait to try the penne noodles with sauce very soon:)
You can visit their site and view all their products at:Quattrobimbi-Gluten Free from Italy

Rating: 5 Stars

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