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Friday, June 29, 2012

Way Better Snacks product review...

Sever weeks ago I received all six varieties of Way Better snacks chips to try. Wow! The bags were all full size and I was wondering how I was going to review these products from this generous company. I didn't want to open each bag to sample just a few and take a chance of them going stale, so they set on my pantry shelf for awhile.
Then last week I came up with the idea for a "Snack Party". I invited a few friends over to ask their opinion and made sure I got to sample each and every snack chip myself.
I set the table with guacamole, salsa, and hummus, along with all varieties of the chips and a huge bowl of fresh fruit salad and some homemade lemonade.
The party was a big hit and not only did I get to visit with all my friends, but I also got a few added opinions on the product. Everyone really enjoyed all varieties and there was not a chip left!
I really like the fact that these snacks are all natural, vegan, gluten free, kosher and have no MSO's, are low in sodium and a excellent source of fiber.
Although the chips are  first baked in a special oven to reduce moisture and then fried for a short time in Sunflower Oil, there is no greasy taste here.They all had a crisp delicious corn tortilla taste.

Although the chips are not totally organic, most of the ingredients used are certified organic such as the blue Corn, golden flax, quinoa. daikon radish seed, and the chia seeds. The company also first sprouts the grains and seeds which increases their nutrients and allows the body to better absorb them, and each chip was loaded with seeds!.

The large bag of chips sells for $3.49 on their web site and a single serving bag sell for $1.19. I feel that in comparison to chips found on the shelves of your local grocery store this is a great value for your money, and a healthier life choice.

The Muti-grain is the closest to a regular tortilla chip and my all time favorite. It tasted great with hummus as well as the salsa. It had a light salty taste and was crunchy. These are even good alone.

Rated 5 Stars (my all time favorite)

The Sweet Potato chip was nicely salted and tasted like a lightly buttered baked sweet potato to me. I especially enjoyed these with Hummus.

Rated 5 Stars 

The Sweet Chili had a kick to it and I highly recommend a tall glass of lemonade or water to help keep the heat at bay. I am somewhat of a sissy when it comes to if you like the "heat" then go for it!

Rated 4 Stars   (just a little to spicy for this girls taste buds)

Unbeatable Blues tasted similar to the blue tortilla chips you find on the grocery shelves and go well with corn salsa.

Rated 4 1/2 Stars

Black Bean Tortillas were lightly salted and these could be used in place of crackers with a nice bowl of turkey chili, or dipped in hummus.

Rated 5 Stars

The Naked Blues have no salt added and therefore was a little bland all alone but great with salsa.

Rated  4 Stars  (only because I like salt on my chips)

The company even sent me a book with information about the products wrapped in recycled paper full of wildflower seeds that will sprout when planted. Now this is a company that knows about "sprouting"...

You can visit their site at to order products or to view nutritional information.

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