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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I apologize...

Hi everyone! I apologize for not posting this past week as I was away visiting family once again. I would have been home sooner and posted, but my youngest daughter "FINALLY" found a new place to live after months and months of looking, how as a mother could I say no and leave her stranded moving alone?
This has been a week of proving to myself that at even at the age of 62 I am still able to pretty much keep up to those younger than myself, even though I am both physically and emotionally drained at the moment. I believe allot of it is that we were never actually able to sit down and eat, so most of our meals, if that is even what you could call it, were basically fast foods and ladened with wheat and gluten! I personally do not have Celiac disease so it wasn't to big of an issue for me, although I definitely noticed a change health wise almost immediately. I think I even gained a few pounds, ugh, so this week it is back to the grind, and I will definitely be eating more fruits and veggies to get back on track!
When I got home I found products for reviews from several  more companies on my door steps, so I will be pretty busy the next few months sharing my taste test results with you.
I hope you all had a better wheat free week than I did, and I will be posting again very soon. Till next post, have a wheat free kind of day!.....Sharon

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