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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gardening day...

Hi everyone. It is beautiful today and so I thought I would take a break and do a little gardening, or should I say weeding!
A few years back I planted a beautiful pink flower in the garden that is suppose to attract butterflies and humming birds. The first year I did indeed see a few humming birds, and once a butterfly, but as of late all they have only been attracting are bee's and dragonfly's.
I don't mind I guess, as bees need pollen, and the dragonfly's are a beautiful illuminating blue in color. What I do mind it that the flowers have virtually taken over!
From what started as three small plants has multiplied into a mass that now surrounds the other flowers and shrubs in the garden and has drifted into my yard and rooted there.
I have pulled them out roots and all several times now, but they keep reappearing at a alarming rate. Who ever said I don't have a green thumb?????
I even saw a neighbor enter the yard one day, which is only about 10' x 6' in size, and pluck a few, possibly in the hopes of replanting them. I hope she has better luck controlling them than I have.
I know this post has nothing to do with my wheat free journey other than gardening is the form of exercise I opted for today instead of my usual walk around the lake. The sun is still shining and I still have a few flowers on the rampage that need to be plucked, so till next post.....Have a great wheat free day!

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