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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The best of two worlds...

Hi all. I apologize for being so slow in posting reviews lately...I have been having computer problems as of late and it keeps kicking me off the web.
Now down to business...Today I figured I would combine two products in one recipe for a review.  I used a All Purpose Flour from one company and Mega Chunks from another to make Chocolate chunk cookies and the results were phenomenal!

Better Batter sent me a All Purpose Flour Mix which I used to make the basic cookie dough and I then added Mega Chunks from Enjoy Life in place of regular chocolate chips. I will post the recipe separately and you will not be disappointed if you give it a try.

First the review for the all purpose flour from Better Batter: 

Better Batter Gluten Free Flour is a truly a cup for cup substitute for regular flour in most regular recipes. It sells for $7.50 on their home site for a 20 oz box, although they also offer other sizes as well, for those who need larger quantities.
I found it to be just as easy to work with as a regular wheat flour would be, only difference is, it is gluten free. The cookie dough seemed slightly softer than a regular chocolate chip cookie dough might be, but it was very easy to work with. The cookies themselves were moist, tender, almost like eating air, and I had a hard time eating just two....well okay four, but who's counting?
I was pleasantly surprised at the texture and taste, they browned evenly and were definitely worth making from scratch. I know this is going to be a cookie that will disappear quickly in our house. Since my husband is a diabetic I did use Splenda sugar mix in the recipe in place of regular sugar so I had to press the cookie dough down slightly before placing in oven, but it was because of the added Splenda blend, not the flour itself. I am anxious to try this flour in other recipes as well.

I would rate this product based on the quality of the cookies it produced 5 Stars.

Better Batter offers several other mixes which include a Chocolate cake mix, Yellow cake mix, Fudge brownie mix, Pancake and Biscuit mix, and a Seasoned flour mix. You can visit their site at

Ingredients for the All Purpose Flour:
Rice flour, brown rice flour, tapioca starch, potato starch, potato flour, xanthan gum, pectin (lemon derivative)
Enjoy Life Mega Chunks review:

I LOVED the rich, smooth texture of the Mega Chunks in the cookie recipe. Not only are the Mega Chunks and all of Enjoy Life's products gluten free but they are also free of dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shell fish.

I used the whole bag of chunks for my recipe and there was not a bite that wasn't filled with the rich chocolaty taste of chunks.

I would give this product 5 Stars and it will definitely be a added addition to my pantry.

Enjoy Life has quite a variety of gluten free products which include cookies, granolas, chewy bars, seed and fruit mixes, chocolate for baking, chocolate bars, plentils and cereals.
To view what they have to offer or make a purchase visit their site at

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