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Friday, July 11, 2014

Gluten free Flours and Uses....

Listed below are a few gluten free Flours and their uses....Although there many others to try, these seem to be quite popular, although I also like to include Sorghum because it is more slowly digested by diabetics.

Almond flour:
 not a whole grain but an ideal flour substitute for pancakes, muffins, cookies
 adds sweetness
 creates a cakelike consistency if used in a large quantity

Brown rice:
 use for pie crust, breads, crackers, pizza crust (to make crispy)
 substitute in small amounts
 in breads  it must be combined with a sticky flour like oat or with xanthan gum or guar gum
 grainy texture
 purchase in small quantities as high oil content causes rapid rancidity/ or freeze for longer life as with all other gluten free flours

 gluten-free and wheat-free
 use in pancakes, waffles and pastas
 do not use in sauces as it becomes very gooey and pasty
 adds an earthy flavor to baked goods

 use in pancakes, muffins, corn bread and tortillas
 use to thicken sauces

 not a whole grain but an ideal flour substitute for crepes, flat bread, hummus and falafel
 high in protein and calcium

 provides structure to flat breads, bread, pizza and muffins
 provides protein
 easy to digest
 sweet, buttery, cornmeal-like flavor

 low-gluten or gluten-free depending upon the factory in which it is processed
 add to cookies, pie crust and muffins
 use in soups and sauces
 sweet taste
 contains antioxidants that help baked goods retain freshness

 use in bread
 try 50 percent in cake recipes
 replace 100 percent in pancakes, crepes, muffins, crackers and cookies
 contains twice the protein of corn or rice
 dry-roast to enhance its flavor

 use to thicken stews, soups and sauces
 makes breads, pancakes and waffles
 sweet, malty flavor

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