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Saturday, July 13, 2013

FABE'S cookies...

Morning all. It is finally a beautiful sunny day here in Ohio after all the rain the past few weeks. I am so glad to see a glimpse of sun!

This past week I seemed to be on a "sugar rush' with all the gloom surrounding me. So since sweets always seem to lighten my mood it was a perfect week to try some cookies sent to me from Fabe's all natural bakery. You will find no refined sugars in Fabe's products as they believe in sweetening  natures way, with things like beet juice syrup, palm sweetener, and organic white grape juice, producing a healthier "sweet".

I had the opportunity to sample three of their cookies, the Coconut Macaroon, Dark Chocolate, and their Cranberry Orange. I had to say their Coconut Macaroon was at the top of the list for me. I loved the sweet taste and texture of the cookie. It reminded me of a Mounds bar without the almonds, or the chocolate of course...

Second on my list would be the Cranberry Orange. Its flavor was a mild orange flavor with just the right amount of chewiness. Last on my list was the Dark Chocolate. I love my chocolate as you all know, and although this cookie was a nice flavor, it did leave me desiring just a little more.

The cookies are not of the dunkable nature, but each contained its own distinctive taste and texture, and I love the idea that they contain NO refined sugar....Lord knows I could use some help in that area!!!

The cookies ARE certified gluten-free, although they are made in in a factory that also manufactures products containing soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, dairy, and wheat, as they do offer goodies made with gluten as well, to those who are not gluten intolerant.

Their gluten free line consists of several options:

Cakes: Chocolate Fudge, and Homestyle Carrot

Mini Fruit & Nut Cake - 4" Which is only available Oct.-Dec.,
and a Chocolate Fudge Cupcake 

Mini Cookies:  come in 6.5 oz Tubs and are available in Dark Chocolate, Cranberry Orange, Ginger Snaps, and Organic Macaroons

Single serve cookies: - 2.25 oz come in Dark Chocolate Cookie, Cranberry Orange Cookie, and Organic Macaroon Cookie

Pies: come in - 6" & 8" which include a Dutch Apple Pie as well as  Pumpkin

They even have a  gluten free pie crust  in a - 8" version which was recently added to their list, in case you would like to bake your own.

If you live in a area where Chuckie Cheese restaurants are available then you will most likely find their Fabe's chocolate gluten free cupcake available to enjoy, as they have teamed up with the company to bring a smile to the faces of those of us who usually have to pass on the occasional Birthday cake offered there for parties....Its also a healthier way to have your cake and eat it to :-)

You will find no preservatives, artificial ingredients, refined cane sugar or juice, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats or GMO in Fabe's products, so they are indeed a healthier solution to offer your kid's.

This company truly believes in their products. Not satisfied? They will give your money back- 100% guaranteed good taste.

I will be in Pennsylvania this coming week for a family visit and we are planning a family outing to Chuckie Cheese's...I can't wait to try the chocolate cupcake!!! 

So until next time...Have a great gluten-free week!


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