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Friday, August 10, 2012

Goose Valley Brown & Wild Rice Fusion...

Recently I had received several varieties of rice mixes to review from my friends at Goose Valley. Today I needed a quick side dish for dinner, so I decided to try their Brown & Wild Rice Fusion mix. Goose Valley Wild Rice's are gluten free whole grains, high in fiber and protein. They are also the largest certified wild rice producers around. They use only organic fertilizes with no pesticides or herbicides. The company is family-owned and uses organically certified facilities to process their rice, so you can be sure you are getting a certified gluten free product.
Although their site offers loads of recipe's I opted to cook the rice the old fashioned way....plain, so as to be able to freeze the extra and  use it in several more recipes along the way. I find it is  always easier to cook in bulk, then freeze leftovers,  saving me time in the long haul.
The cooking directions are easy enough. Water, rice and a covered pan. Following the directions on the bag the rice cooked perfectly. I was amazed at the texture, which was quite uniform, even though this particular blend has four different rices in the mix. CalMati Brown rice, Wild rice, Heirloom Red rice, ans Calmochi Sweet Brown rice.
Each particular kind of rice cooked to the texture and density of its own characteristics. They each had unique individual flavors, each playing off one another to perfect a pleasing taste. I thought I was going to have to add butter or seasonings to flavor the rice since I was using this as a side dish for tonight's dinner,  but I was mistaken. The rice was a tasty blend all on its own with a slight hint of spice and nectar. The Brown & Wild Rice Fusion comes in a resealable 10 once bag and serves 8
Other flavors the company carries are:
Certified Organic Wild Rice   5 oz serves 4   10 oz serves 8
Natural Wild Rice   5 oz serves 4   10 oz serves 8
Basmati & Wild Rice Fusion  10 oz serves 8
Arboria & Wild Rise Risotto   11oz serves 6
Rice & Bean Fusion  8 oz serves 6
Goose Valley has loads of recipes ranging from appetizers and soups, to  main course dishes and more on their site for you to try and enjoy. I really enjoyed this product and will be purchasing more in the near future.You can view their site at Goose Valley for products, recipes and more about the company.
Rating   5 Stars

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