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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Product reviews...or not!

Hey everyone...I am so sorry there haven't been any posts the past few days. I had worked my "butt" off to review several products to post for you over the 4th of July only to find that when my husband bought and set up my new computer that they got lost somewhere in the transition :(
I will now have to take the time to re-write them so they can be posted. BUMMER!!!

I hope you all enjoyed the 4th and have new memories to hold on to. This was actually the first time in years that we went to see the fireworks, and they were spectacular! We visited family and I got to see my youngest grandson Levi, who is now slightly over two years old,  actually enjoy being in the water without the aide of someones assistance. My daughter had found this neat device that not only has arm floaters, but also goes around his chest to keep him afloat.

Then came the moment.... when he told her "no mommy" and pushed her away as he bobbed along in the water. She was hurt at his independence as most mothers would be, yet proud. Her little guy was growing up and was making a important decision to go it on his own, if even for just a moment. I must say it even put a little ache in my heart.

 For those of you who have children, you know that feeling...That very first step of independence gets you every time. Whether it be tying their shoe laces for the first time, the first "No" they utter, getting on the school bus for the very first time, whatever the first,  it tugs at your heartstrings each and every time.

I can remember back to several firsts in my life....My first boyfriend, first and favorite job, which just happened to be in a bakery....go figure!!! The birth of my first child. Every first involves decisions...the decision to learn, have children, become independent, become healthy.

This past week after once again "slipping" off my wheat free lifestyle I have come to this realization. If I do not stay true to my decision to be wheat free, no one else is going to do it for me. It is my first! I can once again feel the changes in my body from just a week of "cheating'. I am achy, tired, upset stomach, and just out of sorts. So this week it is back on track once again, with the realization that I need to really take responsibility for my decision and plan ahead for such trips. Others don't always understand our choices and are therefore not prepared to accommodate out lifestyle changes, so we must make the decision to be responsible for ourselves.
Unlike my grandson who will need his mother close to protect him and make the important decisions for him until the time he is able to do so himself, I need to take full responsibility for the decisions I make.

I personally don't like the old way I felt both physically nor mentally. I do enjoy the new healthier version of myself. So once again I am back on track with more determination than ever, trying to remind myself this is MY decision....not that of everyone around me!
Until later...Have a great wheat free day!

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