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Friday, July 13, 2012

Namaste Foods Pasta Pisavera Review...

Tonight my husband and I decided to have a light dinner. A nice green salad and a Pasta Pisavera meal kit from Namaste Foods sounded just about right. I was hoping this Italian Pasta kit was going to be as good as others were saying it was.
Now to know me, you would know I have never been a great lover of meal kits. Hamburger Helper has never reached my pantry shelves, SORRY!) So to try a meal in a bag is a adventure in itself for me.
The directions looked simple enough. All I needed was 3 Tablespoons of oil.

Vegetable pasta (brown rice, spinach powder, tomato powder, carrot powder, water).
Shelled Hemp seed, tomato powder, salt, granulated garlic, Italian seasoning, granulated onion, and silicon dioxide (added to prevent caking).
*Namaste products are made in a dedicated facility free of: Gluten, Wheat, Soy, Corn, Potato, Peanuts, Tree nuts, Dairy and Casein for those with these food allergies.

Okay...I wasn't sure what shelled hemp seed was but I didn't have to look far as they tell you right on the bag. It seems that it is an excellent source of easily digestible, gluten free protein. It has more protein than nuts, fish, meat or poultry. It also has essential fatty acids your body needs as well as all essential amino acids. Tasty, and good for you? ...I'm in!

When I opened the bag there was a package of spiral noodles in three different colors. Great, as I love vegetable noodles! The second packet was a small packet of seasonings.
After the noodles cooked all I had to do was add the packet of seasoning to the oil, toss into the cooked, drained pasta and I was done. Quick, easy and painless!
The bag does offer suggestions on adding a variation of other ingredients but I skipped this part because tonight I wanted quick and easy, besides  I already had fresh ingredients and veggies in the salad.

I must say this dish was a big hit. Not only was it easy to prepare but delicious also. I am now anxious to try their two other varieties of meal kits which include the Say Cheez and Taco Pasta meal. All sell for $4.79 on their site and currently the Say Cheez meal  is on sale for $4.49. This kit makes 4 side dish servings or 2 entree servings, so it was perfect for the two of us. This kit will soon become a handy staple in my pantry for those hectic, or not so hectic days.
You can view these and all other Namaste products at

Rating: 5 Stars

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