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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Boom Silk by Cindy Joseph...

A few month back my friends at Boom Silk were kind enough to offer me the entire collection of Boom products to enjoy and review. First let me start off with the fact that I am not one of those women who have to have their "whole face" put on before they walk out the door. I never have been. In high school a little lipstick, blush, mascara, and occasionally some foundation was all that I ever wore. Actually I  hated wearing foundation, even then. I washed my face with Noxzema every day, and was one of those fortunate enough to never get those dreaded "zits" as we referred to them back then.  Now being older, my skin seems dryer and in need of a little help...that's where Cindy comes in.

 For those of you who are up on trends, style, and current fashion you have probably heard of Cindy.
Cindy became a model later in her life than most models start their careers. After leaving the modeling business she became interested in creating her own "skin care" products, thus the Cindy Boom line was born...
So, lets get back to Cindy's product line...First I have to tell you that there are products in her line that I really LOVE, and a few I use but just not the way they are designed to be used. Lets start with the LOVE list first. The Boomstick line has 3 products I find that I can not go with out!!! That is the GLO, COLOR, and GLIMMER sticks. These are a must in my now daily application. They all come in a comfortable stick form which is easy to handle. The COLOR stick is a must as it replaces not only your blush, but lipstick as well. Its a beautiful color which enhances all skin tones, and colors. It goes on smoothly, and blends quickly with just your fingers. No blush brush needed here!
The GLIMMER stick is one that I use to add just enough highlight to the arch of my eyebrow. It makes the arch look higher and younger looking, a must at my age!!! No need for all that eye shadow which makes women who are older, actually look older anyway. The last stick is the GLOW stick, which is like a moisturizer for your lips and can be used in place of lip gloss, but does not have the greasy texture that lip glosses leave. It has just a soft, smooth, moisturizing effect. These three "wonder" sticks are in my purse wherever I go. I don't leave home without them!
Now onto the other three products. Cindy has a gently exfoliating mask which I also love and use weekly, although I do have another name brand exfoliating wash I use daily as well. This mask is not one of those put on, let it harden, then wipe off masks....It has honey in it along with other ingredients that cleans and condition your skin. Even the ingredients in it sound yummy...All earthy and natural ingredients. My skin feels silky soft after gently removing the mask. Another must have in my book.

The last two products from Boom Silk are the moisturizer for your entire body, and the daily facial  moisturize. This is where my "switch a roo" comes in...I find the facial moisturizer to be a little heavy during the day for my skin type so I wear it at night while I am sleeping. The moisturizer for the entire body I absolutely love for my hands and arms which have become dryer as I age. I also use it as my daytime facial moisturizer when I know I am not going to be out in the sun. A word of advice here....a little goes a long way, so use sparingly, and always stir before applying.

 I absolutely love the feel of my skin in the morning when I awake after rinsing the moisturizer off my face. I really don't remember my skin feeling this silky, ever! Although I do wear a lighter anti aging cream most of the time on my face during the day  Cindy's entire body moisture product is my hands, arms, and legs moisturizer of choice....

I hope you will hop over to Cindy's home page and check out the products for yourself. Order the COLOR, GLIMMER, and GLOW sticks even if you order nothing else, you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! They last a long time, and are so simple and easy to use.

So until next post....Enjoy your day!