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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sugar Cookies...Ho, Ho, Ho...Christmas is coming!


The other night my grandson wanted to spend the night, and since he loves pizza I took him out to our local Pizza Hut. OK....ya caught me! No I didn't have pizza, but opted for salad instead, so I am just a wee bit proud of myself. Can I pat myself on the back now???

When we got home I decided we ought to make cookies to occupy some time. Its really hard to keep a 10 year old boy who's full of energy at my age,  and I thought this would be a rather tasty diversion. With that being said, and being to tired to make cookies from scratch as I normally do, I opted for a box mix.

Several weeks back I had received several mixes from Cherrybrook Kitchen to review so I opted for the easy way. The mix calls for melted butter, rice milk, vanilla, and the box mix. Well I didn't have rice mix on hand so I used regular 2% milk, which is always on hand.

I am a stickler with following directions, my daughter swears I  have a slight case of OCD  ..think that's what she said...Oh well, I just like things done a certain way.

When I assembled the mix it was more like a crumble that you might put on top of a coffee cake. Oops... The directions say you are suppose to roll the cookies in balls before you bake them. If I would have done this they possibly would have turned out ok, but being who I am I didn't want to take the chance of having to throw everything in the garbage. So I did the only logical thing I thought I should do, and that was to add a egg.

The dough at this point actually resembled cookie dough, so I scooped them out with my cookie scoop, flattened the tops just slightly with the back of a spoon, and baked.

I have to say these really surprised me! They tasted exactly like a sugar cookie should, rose nicely, and were tender and moist. Oh, did I tell you I added a sprinkle of sugar to the tops before baking?

I have no idea how they would have turned out if I hadn't added the egg, so for that reason alone I can't give a honest review, as I didn't follow the directions on the box....Sorry Charlie.

But I can say this... if you want to give this product a try, then be sure and add a egg, unless you are adventurous and want to follow the directions exactly as stated on the box! If you do I would love to hear back from you as to how they actually turned out.

Until next post, have a blessed gluten free week!

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