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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cliffords Restaurant...

Good morning everyone. I trust you all had a great week. I just wanted to drop a quick line and let everyone who lives in the Evans City, Pa.  and surrounding areas know that Clifford's Restaurant is now serving the gluten free Angel Food cake  made with the recipe I recently posted! What a great privilege to have one of the recipes I recommended to be served at a local restaurant...I feel truly honored.

The manager of the restaurant told me that several of their gluten free guests gave it high compliments, as well as several members of the group that were attending dinner with them, even though they do not follow a gluten free diet.

It truly is one of my all time favorites and I really hope you will also give it a try and make it one of yours. If you live local to Clifford's and would like to visit be sure to make reservations first and tell them ahead of time you would like to try the Angle Food cake when you visit. They have a website with more info posted on the web for your convenience.

I am currently working on a zucchini bread recipe which I hope to have posted soon. I am now also trying coconut sugar in my recipes as of late to try and get the glycemic levels in my desserts down...I am sure my husband, who is diabetic, will enjoy.

So as always, until next post have, a great gluten free week...

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