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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New York Joe's Onions...

Dreams do happen....New York Joe's Onions,  or N.Y.J.O. in its shorter term, is by far one of the best onion style relishes I have ever tasted. This "hot-dog" onion sauce, as Joe Cachia the owner of the company calls it, comes in two recipes, the Original, and the Mild. Joe is a retired school teacher from Brooklyn who's home-made onion sauce became so popular with family and friends, that in 2010 he decided to take the leap from a home-based cook to a commercial hot-dog topping entrepreneur after moving to the sunny Florida Keys.

Now first let me tell you that I am not from Brooklyn New York as Joe originally is, so plain old ketchup and onions sat just fine with me being the country girl that I am. That is until last week when I tried Joe's onion sauces on grilled hot dogs, and Italian sausages over the holiday....Wow! I definitely will look at eating my hot dogs and sausages in a whole different way now.

The Original sauce on the dogs and burgers was quite a hit, and the Italian sausage on a bun smothered with the Mild onion sauce topped with some grilled green peppers was definitely something to write home about. Makes me a little jealous that I was not brought up in Brooklyn :-)

 My husband could not get enough of this sauce, and I actually had to remind him to share with our guests. It is now his favorite topping for everything from steak, to chicken, and fish.. All kidding aside, this product really grabs not only your attention, but your taste buds as well.

Even people like Woopie Goldburg, and Guy Fieri, have raved about these sauces. In 2012 Joe's Mild sauce won a Silver Scovia Award. I had no idea what this Award was so I looked it up on the Internet...Seems it is a Award given to fiery foods and barbecue sauces found to be the best. I agree that this onion sauce wholeheartedly deserves such a award.

The nice thing about Joe's sauces is you can buy in bulk as they have a shelf life of 2 years. This sauce would be great on sizzling fajitas, as well as a great breakfast scramble, the possibilities are endless. The list could go on....and on...I know my husband and I are big fans!

Thanks Joe for a great product, and for continuing our education in this area....

Till next time....Have a great gluten free day.


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