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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mrs Bickel's pizza crusts...

A few months back I had received several of Mrs Bickel's pizza crust to sample. Needless to say I had placed them in the freezer and they got overlooked until yesterday when I had a real hankering for pizza. Suddenly it was as if a light bulb went off in my head when I remembered them!

With all the traveling I have done the past few months visiting family,  they had just got pushed to the back of my mind...This was a big error on my part, because I have to tell you that these pizza crusts are the best gluten free crusts I have tasted to date! Wow!!!

Even though I had to dice and chop fresh ingredients, it was well worth the effort. I had received their Original crust as well as the Italian Herb, so I decided to make both as they were  the 8 inch versions.

It didn't take long for the crusts to defrost after taking them from the freezer, actually just the right amount of time to slice my tomatoes, onions, and green peppers, along with my fresh spinach leaves.
On the Original crust I added my sauce then topped with the green peppers, onions and cheese.

The Italian herb got the workings of the sliced tomatoes and fresh spinach leaves....yum! Both were equally delicious although I preferred the Original, only because I love onions almost as much as I love my chocolate :-)

The crusts are thin and baked up crisp and crunchy, not soggy like so many other gluten free crusts I have tried. OK...I admit that in my pre- gluten free days I absolutely loved the doughy, gooey crust of pizza, but life throws you a curve ball sometimes, and I am proud to say I have adapted fairly well to my gluten free lifestyle, thin crust and all....

I am really drawn to companies such as Mrs Bickel's that personally know what it is like to be gluten intolerant or who have Celiac disease themselves, because they really seem to get it right. The owner of this company is no exception as she found out at a early age that gluten was something that was to be avoided in her life. She has worked over 20 years perfecting this crust and I have to say she has done a excellent job.

If you check out their home page you will find several restaurants that carry their pizza crusts, so if you live local to one of  them I hope you will stop in and enjoy. Better yet...have your favorite restaurant owner stop by the site and order some samples to try, or order your own crusts to make at home. Yum!!! As always, their shipping is FREE...I don't know many companies now days who can say that!

I really enjoyed the pizza crusts, in fact I have a few slices left over for today's lunch in just a few minutes. So until next time....Have a great gluten free day!



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