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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gluten Free Coconut Macaroon by New Grains...

Morning all. It has been a whirlwind week as I was traveling once again....I had just received a sample pack of goodies from New Grains Gluten Free Bakery before I left, so I took several of their products from the cookie line with me. They had sent me a variety of  breads and cookies, that I am really excited to try.

During the trip I "gave in" to temptation and devoured the Coconut Macaroon that came in its own individual package. I really had a hard time eating only half of the cookie as it was SO delish, but the cookie is really pretty large at 4", and my husband was looking at me like I was Miss Piggy at that point.  I offered to share, relentlessly of course, but he declined, so it was his loss and my gain!!!

This cookie was one of the moistest macaroons I have eaten! I love Almond Joy candy bars, and this was a version of my favorite,  just minus the Almonds. The taste was really unbelievable! Mmmmm...

The second cookie I ate during the trip was the Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookie, also a pretty good size I might add. It tasted just like a brownie in cookie form, with huge chocolate chips in every bite....I was in heaven. I actually didn't want to share this treat, so I made no offers to share. Piggy, piggy, me...

I still have two more cookie choices to try, but for now I wanted to share with you this great company's products. They offer several more cookie choices, as well as a great variety of breads. I was so excited to hear that New Grains also offers several sampler packs that comes with a variety of their products to be sampled for those fairly new to living a gluten free life style, or anyone wanting to try something new, that you can purchase that won't "break the bank" so to speak!

I can be picky when it comes to my SWEETS...but New Grains really has this combination done right in this writers opinion. I am really looking forward to sampling the breads they sent also.

These two cookie varieties sell for $1.99 each, or you can buy a ten pack which I highly recommend. Because as the popular potato chip commercial goes... "you can't eat just one"!

The company also offers three types of cookie dough and a pastry & pie crust dough, if you would like to bake fresh. The company is very versatile and offers not only already baked products, but has a wide variety of mixes and flours as well, which includes a egg, dairy, and gluten free variety of products. This is a company I highly recommend you take a look at!

Well its off to do some chores and get back on track, so until I write again....have a great Wheat Free day!


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