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Monday, April 29, 2013

Wholesome Chow gluten free at it's best...

Today is another rainy day in Ohio and as usual instead of turning up the heat I turned on my oven. I love to hear the sound the raindrops make on the roof and it puts me in a melancholy mood, but it also adds a chill to the air. I guess now is a perfect time to bake and catch up on my product reviews.

Wholesome Chow sent me several products to sample and review, so today I decided to make their Chocolate Lavender Cake...Yes I said Lavender. I have never eaten a real live flower before, although I know there are several that are reported to be very tasty, so this was a adventure in itself.

As I mentioned, this was a first for me, and  I honestly have to admit that the house didn't smell like a lavender bouquet while baking, but I can say there is a slight hint of lavender taste in the finished cupcakes, which was quite refreshing...

I was also pleasantly surprised that out of all the cake mixes and cake recipes I have tried over the past year, that this has the best texture and consistency  I have tried so far. In comparison to a "regular" wheat laden cake mix I would not have known it to be gluten free, if indeed I had not made it myself. This is a great compliment in itself for this company.

Wholesome Chow's  baking mixes are made without and never require: Eggs, Dairy & Casein, Peanuts & Nuts, Cholesterol, or Animal Products. They are always vegan, gluten free, and  delicious!

The mix made 12 cupcakes, or will make 1 - 9" cake. It was about easy to make as opening up the bag, as you only need to mix it by hand for approximately 10 seconds. No need to bring out the mixer for this cake! I used my pastry blender for this step, how easy was that?

This mix is wheat, egg, dairy, casein, and nut free. You don't even have to add eggs. All it calls for is milk and oil in the directions...Their products are certified Gluten free and are also Non-GMO. They are also certified Organic.

I finished off the cupcakes with their Organic Vanilla Frosting mix which was as delicious as the cupcakes. Of course I had to bake them in Lavender colored cupcake liners, just for fun...

This is a mix I am sure you will enjoy. I can't wait to try the PLAIN chocolate cake version of their mix, for as we all know, I am addicted to plain old chocolate in any form.    :-) Either way I definitely give this company, and mix, a thumbs up!

Have a great wheat free week.

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