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Friday, March 8, 2013

2Brothers2Sisters Pizza Crust

Hi all. I have just returned from a hectic but enjoyable week with family in Pennsylvania. I am now trying to recuperate from all the driving and running around. Being somewhat in a regrouping mode, last night I decided on a early Pizza night...

2Brothers2Sisters had sent me several of their pizza crusts to try so I already had most of the work done for me. Not much in the house to work with as I had decided to wait until my return home before buying groceries, but I did have my standard staples of pizza sauce and grated cheese on hand as I always do.

I topped the crusts and popped them into the preheated oven for 10 minutes. Before I begin to tell you about the results, first let me tell you about the crusts themselves. They look just like those in your favorite pizza parlor. Each is hand made and comes with their own cardboard crisper, and metal baking tray for easy convenience. Quick and on to the taste.

I know I have ranted and raved before about other pizza crusts I have tried, but this really was a superb crust. It has great texture as well as flavor. It held up wonderfully to the sauce and cheese, and has the superb ability to bend, which I am sure would almost guarantee it could stand up to any amount of toppings you would add!

There are several topping ideas on their site to try which I will do in the future, when my cupboards are better stocked. The company is guessed 2 brothers and 2 sisters, Mara, Michael, David and Marissa. I spoke personally with Maura and she was very informative about the company and product. The nicest thing about the company is that they basically started not to make money, but to help people by making a delicious desirable product for those in need with allergy restrictions to wheat, nuts, and dairy.

You can order their crusts from their home site at  I can't say enough good things about this company. They are polite, delivery was prompt, and the crusts just plain delicious, and are a "must try".

The crusts come in 3 pack, or a 8 pack, for convenience. I hope you stop by their site and check them out. Tell them Sharon from Wheat Free Living & Me sent ya!

As always...Have a blessed wheat free day!


Deanna Lyn said...

Yum ! love pizza and this one looks so good i will check it out thanks for sharing

Sharon said...

You are welcome. It is the closest I have found to a "regular" pizza taste. Love the crunchy outside crust!!! Hope you enjoy. Sharon