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Monday, February 25, 2013

Venice Bakery Gluten Free Pizza Crusts....

The other day I got a nice variety of gluten free pizza crusts and flat breads sent to me from Venice Bakery. As soon as my husband saw the package he immediately wanted pizza for dinner. He's Italian, remember! We had planned to go out to dinner and I really had had a rough day and was tired, so  this was definitely okay with me. How hard is it to make pizza when the crust has already been prepared, right? This way I could relax on my sofa and enjoy some down time :)

Since I always have a stock of home made gluten free pizza sauce on hand, and grated cheeses, I had it tossed together in no time at all. With the pizza in the oven, I tossed together a quick salad, and dinner was served in record time.

I screwed up just a little because I did not put olive oil on the first crust,  so the crust was a little moister than it should have been. So with this in mind I recommend you do what the instructions say, and lightly coat with olive oil, then put on your goodies.

It also states to bake directly on center rack. I was afraid the cheese would drip onto the ovens heating elements and so I had placed it on a pizza pan. I believe this made a difference also. Anyway, it was still delicious, and I didn't hear any complaints from my husband...I had used their crust with the Italian seasonings added in, and the taste was sooooo good. I loved the flavor the added seasonings brought to the crust.

The second pizza I made was their regular Vegan gluten free pizza crust, and this time I followed the directions to the letter. I brushed the crust with olive oil, and baked it on parchment paper laid directly on the rack. This produced a less moist crust and was just as tasty as the first, just more like pizza dough.

Both crusts held up to the toppings and were "bendable" just like a regular wheat pizza crust would be. In my book this was a good indication of the great taste that was to follow with the very first bite.

I know I might never find that "doughy, " bread dough crust like those from my past wheat eating days, but that is okay with great gluten free crusts like these on the market! The VEGAN version is free of eggs, dairy, and soy, and they have no added preservatives in the crusts. They also sells a gluten free Focaccia, which I would love to try in the future...

A really nice thing about these crusts are that they are vacuum sealed so they have a great shelf life. Or you can just pop them in the freezer for a even longer shelf life. Either way you can stock up and save on shipping.

You can order their gluten free crusts at
Be careful when ordering though, as they do also sell regular pizza crust, dough, and focaccia's. Yet you can rest assured though that their gluten free versions are tested and certified by the Celiac Spruce Association.

Have a great wheat free week, and enjoy!



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