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Monday, February 11, 2013

Loose the wheat...loose the weight?

I must admit that when I first started this wheat free adventure I was determined to loose more weight than I have, but here is the whole story....When I was in high school I weighed in at around 112 pounds, not bad for someone who is only 5' 2" tall...I use to get teased that if I turned sideways that I would disappear. At the time it was quite embarrassing....

Then I had three daughters within a 9 year sprint, and the extra baby weight wasn't as easy to loose after the third child, as it was with the first two. As the family grew so did I. It was tough living pay check to pay check, and pancakes seemed to become a staple for dinner at least once a week, along with lots of pasta...No sympathy please, I am sure there are those reading this that have experienced the same somewhere along the line.

What I am trying to say is this. Switching from wheat to gluten free living can still have its drawbacks. YES your body thanks you for not poisoning it with all that gluten, but many gluten free foods are still loaded with unwanted carbs, so if its weight you want to loose you must be careful in your eating habits.

I prefer baking with rice flours as I find them more suitable to my palate, but yes, they have more carbs and less fiber, that say for instance bean flours, or almond meal. I however, find that bean flours are not handled well by my body, so I tend to avoid them if at all possible.

I have definitely lost weight since going gluten free. I am down on a average of 10 pounds in any given week. To some that might not seem like much, but to me it is a weight that I am comfortable with. I am not much into exercise, finding that typing words on my computer isn't doing much for my waste line, but I am comfortable with that.

My husband has always tried to push regaining that 112 pound goal into my head, but this is HIS ideal weight for me, not mine! I would like to see him at the weight he carried when we first started dating....but I won't hold my breath for that one!!! ( Sorry Hon )

As my father use to say..."The only way to loose weight is to push your chair away from the table". I have learnt over the past year to incorporate some better eating habits and choices into my life. I have given up soft drinks totally, and try to drink more water. I eat more veggies, whether fresh, frozen, or canned. I try to limit my bread intake to two slices per day, depending on my meal plan.

I am, I must admit a sweet addict, and realize that if I totally cut sweets out I might possibly loose more weight, but life is to short to give up all those things which give you pleasure. Although I very rarely eat candy bars anymore, I do bake and sample products that seem to give me my needed "sugar fix'.

Moderation is the key to everything in life. Breaking bad habits does not happen over night, but they can be broken. Slow and steady wins the race! So don't give up, hang in there and try something for a few weeks before you even think of giving up....You and your body will be glad you did. Above all do this for YOURSELF, with your goals in mind, and not someonelse's!

Remember to watch for excess carbs, and eat sweets in moderation. Even gluten free sweets have calories!!!    :)

Have a blessed gluten free week. Until the next post.



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