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Friday, January 11, 2013


Good afternoon all. If you have faithfully been following this blog you no doubt know that I am a lover of chocolate. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate...the more the merrier! Well I just wanted to let you all know that I have not touched not one smidgen of chocolate for over two weeks now :( This virus has left my taste buds virtually without such desire and pleasure.

I can't wait until I am over this virus  and can begin to live normal again. Charting meds, ginger ale, soup, Popsicles and such, are by no means a substitute for the more pleasurable tastes life has to offer. Chocolate being one....

There is actually about 6 pounds of chocolate sitting on my counter just calling out my name each time I pass. All are Christmas gifts, that have yet to be sampled and enjoyed....I keep thinking each morning as I wake if today is the day I will feel well enough to just sample one delicate morsel???

It seems like the days of baking chocolate cupcakes with the rich chocolaty scent filling the air is still many days off yet. Although I am progressively getting better each day, it will still be awhile before I will be up to doing product reviews.

So until then I will keep you updated,  and hope today is a great wheat free kind of day for you!


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