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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Mad Magazine cover picture...

Hi everyone. Today is my 12th day after returning home having caught a "bug" while visiting family back home for the Holidays. I must admit I looked like something that belonged on the cover of Mad Magazine this morning as I crawled out of bed...Never really read the magazine myself, just was amazed mostly with the bizarre covers they published. The way I looked this morning I would definitely have "made the cover"!

I have had a lot of time to "think" over these last few weeks, as I definitely have not had the ambition or energy to do much else. I have had the wind knocked out of me, to put it mildly. What started out to be a joyful event turned into a somewhat long recovery process for me.

Seemed my grandson had to be retrieved from school my very first day there on Christmas Eve, running a temp of over 101 degrees. Several days after Christmas, grandson #2 started running a 102 temp....I had no chance! Being locked up in a 5 x 7 bedroom at night with my cat whom I have to administer daily meds too, and a litter box, I am sure played part to the dilemma. Plans to see other family members had to be put on hold this trip, as I was determined to make as few others ill as possible.

I returned home to find that several people left "COMMENTS" on the sight which need to be approved or declined through email by me. I love to hear from my readers, true readers that is....but when someone leaves random posts that have nothing in relevance with the post or blog itself, I tend to get slightly irritated.

I love when people share their ideas or recipes, I really do. Honestly! Yet if they are only posting comments to "Push" some money making scheme, or their site on me, which has nothing to do with anything whatsoever in this area, I would rather they not leave a comment, saving me time wasted reading and deleting them...

If I seem a little irritated please forgive me. I started this blog to help others new to this lifestyle as myself. I know I haven't posted or done any product reviews in the past few weeks but when I recover I will be back in full swing. I am just barely making it to the microwave to make a warm cup of tea as of late. And the steroids the Doctor prescribed for this infection aren't helping my mood any, so BEWARE!!!! Just kidding.

For my readers and followers out there, I really do appreciate you, and hope to hear from you more. I love sharing ideas and recipes with you.

IDEA!!! Maybe if I just wrote about my everyday weird life I could get more followers????? Hey, I told you I was out of sorts! Well as usual I am getting extremely tired.........................So until next post, have a great wheat free day.


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