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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Glass Rooster Cannery...

Glass Rooster
A few weeks back I stopped at the Glass Rooster Home Cannery on one of my grocery shopping outings. I had passed the Cannery many times over the past few years and just never took the time to stop. Shame on me! It was definitely not what I had expected it to be at all. I had pictured a store filled with jars and jars of preserved foods for sale, and found a rare hidden gem instead. It is actually a Licensed Kitchen with a clean, inviting facility for novice and experienced cooks interested in storing a safe food supply efficiently from home grown sources.

I was greeted by Jeannie who was preparing for an Appetizer class, yet she graciously took the time to talk with me and answer my many questions. After explaining what the Cannery offers in the way of classes I was then given a tour of the Art Gallery Barn, which sits behind the cannery, and will soon to be open to the public The barn was filled with antiques and re-purposed wares of every kind. I especially loved the old refurnished Church pew, and the solid wood butcher block table that sat among the many other collectibles. The second floor of the barn has quite a view of the pond and also the garden which supplies a good bit of the vegetables that they can for the classes at the Cannery. Other vegetables and fruits that they don't grow are provided by local farmers in the area when needed.

Upon returning to the Cannery I was introduced to Susie who then showed me the upstairs floor of the Cannery where beautiful jars of canned vegetable and jams line the tables awaiting some lucky class member to taste and devour.

The Cannery offers classes on canning, food storage, and home spun cooking. The class that was being held when I visited was a Appetizer class for women from a local school. All seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a good time.

Resources to grow and buy in-season produce are available on site during the growing season, in addition to their line of homemade soup mixes, bread mixes and canned goods. Jeannie and Susie are both friendly, and very informative about this venture they have started. I  almost felt as if I had known them for years before I left.

Their Catering features in-season salads, and fresh homemade bread is available upon request.  They are located in the Columbus area, 6 miles north of New Albany, 1673 South State Route 605, Sunbury Ohio, which is a quaint little town filled with antique shops and unique eateries. If you are ever in the area drop by for a visit.

Art Barn

Their  first canning class, “We CAN! Water Bath Basics” is very popular. The class focuses on water bath canning with a discussion of pressure canning and safety principles.  You will be canning an in-season product and will be taking home a jar of finished product. All supplies are provided in the cost, and tasting is encouraged.  The cost for this class is $45.00

For the more advanced cannier they offer a  “We CAN! Pressure Can” class. This class teaches the principles of safely canning low-acid foods with a hands-on lesson.  All cooking classes are available upon request for groups of six or more.  Classes are designed to meet the interests of the participants, costing just $55.00 per person.

Being Gluten Free I am pleased that they will even offer gluten free classes if you have at least 6 people to participate. The big kicker though is that fruits and vegetables ARE gluten free, so I will definitely be attending several classes after the holidays myself! Just imagine not having to read every label in the store!!!  They also offer all their canning and cooking classes throughout the year for every one's convenience.  

 You can attend the open house of the Art Barn and a "Preserved Food Exchange" and meet both Jeannie and Susie on November 10, 2012.                                                            
                                                                           Open House
    Art Gallery Barn Grand Opening
    Preserved Foods Exchange
    November 10, 2012 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
    1673 South State Route 605
    Sunbury, Ohio 43074
    Contact Jeannie 614-499-2958 or  Susie 740-815-4324 for more information.

    Enjoy a tour of the farm with refreshments available. Watch a master carver produce works of art on the spot with his chainsaw. Swap your extra canned goods for fun and expand your pantry’s winter selections. Get some ideas from gardening and food, to home decor.You might even get some great ideas for those hard to buy people on your Holiday list! For more information on what you can bring to the swap please contact Jeannie or Susie, or visit their website for more information.
    Also check out their class schedule and class options at:
    Jeannie 614-499-2958 Susie 740-815-4324

    As always... Have a great wheat free kind of day!!!



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