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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gillians GF Fusilli pasta product review...

Last night we tried Gillian's Fusilli for dinner with our favorite pasta sauce. I was very pleased with the way the pasta cooked as well as the taste. This pasta is made with  brown rice pasta and is not only free of wheat and gluten's, but also egg free. It is also sodium, fat free and cholesterol free.

Brown rice is the least processed form of rice. It has the bran layer, which gives this pasta a slightly chewier texture. It is tan in color and has a slight nut like flavor. Brown rice grains are also higher in fiber and nutritional content such as oils, vitamin B's and important minerals than those of white rice.

The texture was great and I really enjoyed the flavor of the noodles. I found it to be the perfect texture when cooked and not mushy like some brands I have tried.

Gillian's facility is dedicated to a gluten and wheat free environment. Their site offers many recipes and information about their products and is easy to maneuver on. Their products include Gluten free rolls, onion rolls, sandwich bread, pasta's, bread crumbs, flours, and wheat/gluten free mixes such as brownie mix, cinnamon bread mix and pizza dough mix. They also offer pre-made cookie doughs in Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookie.

I would recommend this pasta to those who are looking for a great firm hearty tasting pasta that holds sauces well. It also bakes well so it can even be used in casseroles. You will find several of their pasta products at the Gluten Free Mall on this blog or you can visit their site at Gillians Foods

Rating: 4 3/4 Stars

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