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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Castle TV series...

Hi all. I decided to take a break today from product reviews, baking, and everything wheat/gluten free and just share my thoughts. Everyone needs a break now and then where we can just "shut down" life as we know it, and jog off into a land filled with intrigue and love. Dirty diapers, dinner, cleaning, and yes even baking, now take the back seat as we immerse ourselves into the characters lives.

The TV series Castle is this place for me. I have seen many movies in which Nathan Fillion has played, but this series is my fave. When I can't be home to watch the show it is being taped so I can watch it later. I have watched this series every week from the start, intrigued by each and every adventure they are on.

I love how Castle and Kate Becket's feelings for each other have evolved from the very beginning and I have waited perched on the edge of my seat each week to see if this would be the moment they would connect. FINALLY!!! If you are a fan you know what I mean...Right?

I can associate with Castle in the fact that he plays a writer on the show, as this has always been a dream of mine. I am in the process of completing a novel which has been on hold for years now as I need the funds to travel and finish my research, but have not been able to do so to date.

I can relate to the character of Kate as she is doing exactly in life that which she wants to do. I have always been told that "You can't do that" and have always just settled for what I could do! I have had many dreams throughout the years and it seems that each one got kicked to the curb somehow or other.

In my late 20's I finished school with my Managers Degree in Hairstyling, married and started raising a family, so my career was put on hold. Being a stay at home mom I decided to pursue my other passion, that of writing. I decided to take a home writing course for children's books only to be told after submitting my first lesson with my chosen topic being that of a spelling bee, that spelling bee's were basically non existent, and I needed to find a different topic....Funny how the movie Spelling Bee came out many years later!!! Needless to say that ended that phase of my life, so a stay at home mom I was, once again putting my dreams on hold.

A few moments each week of living through someone else eyes I now see life differently. Although I am intrigued by Castle and Kate Becket's characters, if only for a few brief minutes each week, I realize I have been truly blessed in life even while putting my own desires on hold. Maybe my novel will never come to fruition, and owning my own styling salon might no longer be on the table. Yet I look at my children and see the determined, strong headed, compassionate individuals they have become and  I see parts of myself in them. If I had not been a stay at home mom I wonder if they would have turned out differently. I witness daily the love they have for their own children and the desire they have for them to be all that they can be as they grow into unique individuals. Quite like Castle who in the series as a father, wants for his daughter. As parents we all seem to have this in common.

We all have dreams, some come true, some not. Our challenge is whether we let them defeat us or whether we move forward and create new ones. I have no dreams at the present moment but each waking morning brings with it new adventures to be conquered, new sights to see, new recipes to try, new friends and new journeys.

A friend recently sent me a email which at the bottom had this small note..."I want to be the kind of woman that when my feet hit the ground each morning , the devil says, "OH CRAP, SHE'S UP"! ! Maybe I always have been that kind of women and it just took until now to realize it, dreams or no dreams.....


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