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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Glass Rooster Cannery...

Glass Rooster
A few weeks back I stopped at the Glass Rooster Home Cannery on one of my grocery shopping outings. I had passed the Cannery many times over the past few years and just never took the time to stop. Shame on me! It was definitely not what I had expected it to be at all. I had pictured a store filled with jars and jars of preserved foods for sale, and found a rare hidden gem instead. It is actually a Licensed Kitchen with a clean, inviting facility for novice and experienced cooks interested in storing a safe food supply efficiently from home grown sources.

I was greeted by Jeannie who was preparing for an Appetizer class, yet she graciously took the time to talk with me and answer my many questions. After explaining what the Cannery offers in the way

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eat..Pray..Love..& Groceries...

Last night I watched the movie "Eat..Pray..Love" with Julia Roberts, who by the way is a beautiful actress. I hadn't seen the movie for quite some time and I was exhausted after a long day in the kitchen tweaking a bread recipe to meet my own personal tastes, and I needed a break. Needless to say every loaf  I had made went into the trash. They were either too moist, to brown, or collapsed while baking.

There is a saying that goes... "Don't believe everything you hear"...well the same could be said for everything you read! How can you print a cook book and leave out important information

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gingerbread cake made gluten free...

Hi all. I have made the gluten free version of this gingerbread cake recipe several times now, tweaking it as I went, to make sure it was something "ALL" ginger lovers would enjoy before sharing the recipe. This makes a 8x8 inch pan and serves 9 generously. It is light, moist

Friday, October 19, 2012

One of those days...

Have you ever had one of those days where you had a million things to do and didn't know where to start? Today is such a day for me.

 I am in the mist of decorating our second bedroom as I found a beautiful watercolor print at our local Goodwill store and just had to have it! It is loaded with shades of green, grape, fuchs's and yellows in every different shade. I finally narrowed it down to selecting the colors for the walls after much deliberation.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sun Flour Mills Sugar Cookie review...

It has been awhile since I have reviewed any of Sun Flour Mills products and since I still had a few of their products on hand, compliments of the company, I decided to make some sugar cookies this evening. Christmas is right around the corner and I like to get a jump start on what cookies I will be making for my holiday trays. Since this will be my first year being totally gluten free I need

Monday, October 15, 2012

Plea to women everywhere to have breast exams....

Another sleepless night of many this past week, and so I find myself on the computer once again in the wee hours of the morning.( I threw that "wee" in there as I recently found out my family tree starts in Scotland)  I recently returned from a week of visiting family and find that I have not slept through the night since my return. What was suppose to be a fun visit has turned into many stressful days and nights...

If you have read my profile you will know a little of why I actually started this blog and my wheat free journey. For those of you who are new readers let me tell you my story.

Two years ago during my yearly mammogram they found a dark spot in the back of my right breast. I have been on a two year watch which not only entailed my yearly mammogram, but also a sonogram every six months to make sure there were no changes. Combining what was suppose to be my last sonogram to check up on this situation, and a short family visit, has turned into something just short of a nightmare.

I was excited to be at the end of this waiting period and to get a good report and finally put this behind me and move on....I had no doubt in my mind that everything was going to be okay as I lay on the exam table waiting for the results of the reading. This is how the situation panned out.

Technician: " Okay. Your next scheduled mammogram will be in April. We will send you a reminder in the mail and at that time he wants to have another sonogram done".

Me: " I thought this was the last sonogram needed as it is the end of the 2 year watch? Was something wrong, was there a change in the spot?"

Technician: " Well he thinks possibly there may have been a slight change from the past results, or it could just be a technical issue".

Me: " So your saying it has gotten bigger?"

Technician: " Well he thinks it might be a slight change of maybe 1-2 centimeters, or it could just be a  technical issue. If he thought it was serious he would have ordered a biopsy today".

WHAT THE HECK does that mean???? Now this I know from personal experience that 1-2 centimeters is not something to just overlook as I have a 5 centimeter cyst on my right kidney and know that it is about the size of a lime. So 1-2 centimeters to me IS a big deal!!!

I also feel that if it WAS a technical issue that another sonogram should have been taken then and there to rule out that possibility. This is my LIFE you are talking about!

Needless to say that after the initial shock has finally worn off I will be on the phone with my OB this morning with my concerns and complaints, as I feel this was not handled very well on the professional end of this matter.

I am still stunned in the fact that I was left to walk out the door wondering if I now have a growth inside me that might be becoming a serious issue and was just left ignored like I didn't matter. Maybe I am over reacting...maybe everything is okay...I just want to know!

I urge you women out there to please get your scheduled mammogram. The spot in my breast would not have been found without my having my routine checkup, as I physically felt no lump because it is so far back in the breast. Life is to precious to take chances!

As my profile reads.... I hope this blog will encourage you to take control of your life and live it as it was intended....To it's fullest! I want to be the kind of woman that when my feet hit the ground each morning , the devil says, "OH CRAP, SHE'S UP"! Prayerfully God will give me many more of such days...

I will keep you posted on any new results I hear.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gillians GF Fusilli pasta product review...

Last night we tried Gillian's Fusilli for dinner with our favorite pasta sauce. I was very pleased with the way the pasta cooked as well as the taste. This pasta is made with  brown rice pasta and is not only free of wheat and gluten's, but also egg free. It is also sodium, fat free and cholesterol free.

Brown rice is the least processed form of rice. It has the bran layer, which gives this pasta a slightly chewier texture. It is tan in color and has a slight nut like flavor. Brown rice grains are also higher in fiber and nutritional content such as oils, vitamin B's and important minerals than those of white rice.

The texture was great and I really enjoyed the flavor of the noodles. I found it to be the perfect texture when cooked and not mushy like some brands I have tried.

Gillian's facility is dedicated to a gluten and wheat free environment. Their site offers many recipes and information about their products and is easy to maneuver on. Their products include Gluten free rolls, onion rolls, sandwich bread, pasta's, bread crumbs, flours, and wheat/gluten free mixes such as brownie mix, cinnamon bread mix and pizza dough mix. They also offer pre-made cookie doughs in Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookie.

I would recommend this pasta to those who are looking for a great firm hearty tasting pasta that holds sauces well. It also bakes well so it can even be used in casseroles. You will find several of their pasta products at the Gluten Free Mall on this blog or you can visit their site at Gillians Foods

Rating: 4 3/4 Stars

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Castle TV series...

Hi all. I decided to take a break today from product reviews, baking, and everything wheat/gluten free and just share my thoughts. Everyone needs a break now and then where we can just "shut down" life as we know it, and jog off into a land filled with intrigue and love. Dirty diapers, dinner, cleaning, and yes even baking, now take the back seat as we immerse ourselves into the characters lives.

The TV series Castle is this place for me. I have seen many movies in which Nathan Fillion has played, but this series is my fave. When I can't be home to watch the show it is being taped so I can watch it later. I have watched this series every week from the start, intrigued by each and every adventure they are on.

I love how Castle and Kate Becket's feelings for each other have evolved from the very beginning and I have waited perched on the edge of my seat each week to see if this would be the moment they would connect. FINALLY!!! If you are a fan you know what I mean...Right?

I can associate with Castle in the fact that he plays a writer on the show, as this has always been a dream of mine. I am in the process of completing a novel which has been on hold for years now as I need the funds to travel and finish my research, but have not been able to do so to date.

I can relate to the character of Kate as she is doing exactly in life that which she wants to do. I have always been told that "You can't do that" and have always just settled for what I could do! I have had many dreams throughout the years and it seems that each one got kicked to the curb somehow or other.

In my late 20's I finished school with my Managers Degree in Hairstyling, married and started raising a family, so my career was put on hold. Being a stay at home mom I decided to pursue my other passion, that of writing. I decided to take a home writing course for children's books only to be told after submitting my first lesson with my chosen topic being that of a spelling bee, that spelling bee's were basically non existent, and I needed to find a different topic....Funny how the movie Spelling Bee came out many years later!!! Needless to say that ended that phase of my life, so a stay at home mom I was, once again putting my dreams on hold.

A few moments each week of living through someone else eyes I now see life differently. Although I am intrigued by Castle and Kate Becket's characters, if only for a few brief minutes each week, I realize I have been truly blessed in life even while putting my own desires on hold. Maybe my novel will never come to fruition, and owning my own styling salon might no longer be on the table. Yet I look at my children and see the determined, strong headed, compassionate individuals they have become and  I see parts of myself in them. If I had not been a stay at home mom I wonder if they would have turned out differently. I witness daily the love they have for their own children and the desire they have for them to be all that they can be as they grow into unique individuals. Quite like Castle who in the series as a father, wants for his daughter. As parents we all seem to have this in common.

We all have dreams, some come true, some not. Our challenge is whether we let them defeat us or whether we move forward and create new ones. I have no dreams at the present moment but each waking morning brings with it new adventures to be conquered, new sights to see, new recipes to try, new friends and new journeys.

A friend recently sent me a email which at the bottom had this small note..."I want to be the kind of woman that when my feet hit the ground each morning , the devil says, "OH CRAP, SHE'S UP"! ! Maybe I always have been that kind of women and it just took until now to realize it, dreams or no dreams.....