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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Great vacation...

Hi everyone. I am back from vacation and ready to once again review more products. I had a great time with my daughter and grandsons.  I made gluten free pasta springs while visiting and my grandsons both asked for seconds, and never knew the difference We also made gluten free cupcakes! Wow, I must be doing something right. I got lots of hugs and kisses this past week and I miss them terribly already.

This blog is all about being "REAL", whether it be about good food, recipes, reviews, or just life and family in general. Life is too short to miss out on the little things, so if keeping healthy will give me more time to enjoy each and every moment along the way, then I am hopefully on the right track.

I received two boxes of products while I was  away and I can't wait to start the "tastings". I hope you are all enjoying your summer vacations, and have been brave enough to have tried something new along the way.

I look forward to my next product testing review, as I hope you do. Until then...have a great wheat free day!

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