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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gillian's All purpose bread crumbs review...

First I would like to tell you a little about this company. Gillian's Foods are all gluten, wheat, dairy and nut free products. They are all baked or produced in a G/F facility. They are also AIB audited and certified.
Their products include gluten free rolls, onion rolls, sandwich bread, ziti, pasta, pizza dough, pizza, pie shells, pumpkin pie, cakes, bread crumbs, rice flour, potato flour, tapioca flour, and also gluten and wheat free mixes. Products all made without the harmful ingredients that you must avoid if you are living wheat free, or have Celiac disease.
They were kind enough to supply me with  a tub of their Original bread crumbs, so yesterday I made home made spaghetti sauce with meatballs....YUM!
The tub of Original bread crumbs is 12 oz in weight and sells for $3.99 on their site. The Italian bread crumbs are also 12 oz tubs and sell for $4.50. Don't let the weight per tub scare you, as there are plenty of crumbs for several different recipes. I keep mine in the freezer until I need them so as to keep them fresh.
My husband being an Italian really enjoyed this meal. The meatballs turned out to perfection and were so moist and tender, and no eggs were used! The flavor wasn't any different than meatballs I have made in the past using regular wheat bread crumbs, even more tastier I believe.
The taste of the bread crumbs themselves, before adding any ingredients, were light and crunchy with a mild taste and held up well to the moist ingredients of the recipe. I was quite satisfied at the texture and taste of the bread crumbs and the tenderness they gave the meatballs in the recipe I used.
The ingredients in the Original bread crumbs are:
Rice flour, water, yeast,salt, sugar.

Rating:  5 Stars

To see what other baked goods and mixes they have to offer visit their site at

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