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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week four weigh in...

Okay..So the pounds and inches are not melting off like ice cream from a cone on a hot summer day, not to worry, as I have noticed changes elsewhere that I am totally satisfied with, and the disappearing inches I believe are soon to follow...

I find it hard to believe the difference in my sleeping quality. I have not slept this good as far back as I can remember. I fall asleep much quicker and sleep soundly through most nights except for an occasional bathroom visit.

My hair is growing at an alarming cuts will soon cost me a fortune unless I decide to let it grow long...The rough skin on my heels no longer catch on the bed sheets at night and I have done nothing different other than eliminate wheat from my diet! Even the pronounced "smile lines" are less noticeable and the skin on my face feels silkier.....I feel full much longer and at this point snacks are no longer a "must have".

Even though the weight and measurements are pretty much the same as last week I did loose 1/2 inch in the hip area....Hey...I'll take it!!

Week 1                                         Week 4

Weight   131.8                               Weight 130
Waist     37 inches                          Waist   34 inches
Stomach 40 inches                          Stomach 37 3/4 inches
Hips        38 inches                         Hips   37 1/2

I hope all who follow the blog will have a Blessed Holiday! Till next post....Sharon

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