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Monday, April 16, 2012

Product review...Taste of Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookies

Tomorrow I will be leaving to visit family for a few days and promised my Son in Law I would bring Chocolate chip cookies just for him. Since I have started my wheat free living adventure I no longer have regular all purpose flour in the house....Yes I am a total wheat free lifer now! I did however have a package of gluten free chocolate chip cookie mix on hand, compliments of "Taste of Gluten Free" mixes.

The mix comes in a 23 OZ dark black bag with the directions and list of ingredients on the front label and  I was grateful for the simplicity of the mixing directions. All I needed to add was 2 sticks of butter at room temperature, 2 eggs, and 1 teaspoon of Vanilla extract. The chips are not in the mix so you have to add your own but I always have extra on hand so it didn't present a  problem.

I used a cookie scoop for the first batch and the cookies came out very round and high in shape, not the chocolate chip cookie I am use to seeing so I switched my method and used a regular tablespoon and dropped the second batch onto the cookie sheets to see if that would make a difference. The cookies once again came out rounded in shape and raised  high once again.

Making the  third batch I pressed  the dough down slightly (using wet fingers as the dough is sticky) to flatten to about half the height before baking and  they came out looking more like a regular chocolate chip cookies.
I am a "sampler' and one of those who likes to taste test each and every batch as it comes from the oven. There is nothing better than warm cookies from the oven and a tall glass of ice cold milk.

These cookies did not leave me disappointed.  Although they look slightly different in appearance because they raise a little more in height I found the taste quite similar to my old favorite Nestle Toll house recipe. They browned nicely and although the outsides are crisp the insides were moist and gooey, no gritty taste here!

The only negatives  I could make is that the label does not tell you how many cookies each mix makes nor does it list the Nutritional Facts, and I had to add my own chocolate chips. I did indeed get over 4 dozen cookies if you count the 5 or 6 I ate by taste testing. I would give this chocolate chip cookie mix 4 1/2 stars only because of these reasons, as the taste of the cookies themselves was perfection!

Hoping you have a wheat free kind of day!

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