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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Product review...Newman's Own Organic teas

I have to tell you up front that I  have never been a huge tea drinker by any means although I do like an occasional glass of ice cold tea with lemon on a hot summers day or a warm cup of  tea for breakfast occasionally. However, when I  was given both a box of Newman's Own Organic black tea and their Organic green tea to try I  decided to see if I would have different point of view of tea in general.
I was really both surprised and impressed. First I was impressed that both their black and green teas are organic so I was not ingesting any added pesticides along with my tea. Next I was impressed  by the flavor of the tea itself. I found the black tea to have a consistent clear and smooth taste from bag to bag.
I prefer my tea on the weaker side and even though I left the bag in longer than I usually do the taste was still excellent and did not leave a bitter after taste in my mouth like most teas on the market seem to do. I also made a glass of ice tea with a little added lemon and thoroughly enjoyed it.
The Organic green tea was very smooth and mellow, not like green teas I have tasted before that seemed bitter. It was full bodied but not over powering.
I like Splenda in my tea but I was brave enough to try both teas without this addition so as to get the true taste of the teas themselves.I found I actually didn't miss the addition of it as much as I thought I would as the teas themselves were quite smooth in taste.
The Organic black tea comes in a 100 count box and the Organic green tea comes in a 40 count box. I feel the price of each is very reasonably priced compared to the cost of other Organic teas on the market.
Medical research has found that Tea is a very rich source of a specific kind of  antioxidant called flavonoids. The detoxifying effect of these antioxidants protects cells from free radicals and promotes good health.
If a product is good for you count me in! Although I have not been a great drinker of teas in the past I plan to start drinking it more often now that I have found great tasting teas with consistent flavor. I would give both the black and green teas a five star and would recommend them both highly.

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