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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Gluten Free in South Carolina...

Well here I am in sunny South Carolina.  We are getting a new RV and will be homeless for a few days, so I have to use my notepad and the hotel Internet....bummer! With that said, I don't have much to write about since I have no oven to bake, nor stove to cook. Eating out each and every meal is something I'm not use to, and even though the hotel does have GF buns and bagels individually wrapped at the breakfast buffet, something made me ill the first two days here. So today I decided to avoid the free breakfast, and surprisingly I don't have a stomachache. Go figure... I guess when you have your own kitchen, and don't eat out a lot, there are not so many things to watch, or check for.

I shared with you in one of my last posts a low carb banana nut bread recipe which was a big hit with my husband. He really liked it so much that it will be added to my recipe collection. Since I am limited on what to eat until we are in the new RV, I am really going to have to read, and read, and read labels... I guess I will close this post and surf the web for a few new low carb, gluten free recipes to try in our new RV oven, when we finally DO get the new RV. So until next time, enjoy the nice weather of summer, wherever you are!

Sharon Lee