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Friday, November 29, 2013

Sorghum Flour...

Did you know that Sorghum flour is a powerhouse of nutrition which can add a superb flavor to your
gluten-free baking. It is high in protein, contains iron, and dietary fiber, making sorghum flour a welcome addition to pantries around the world. Sorghum flour is high in antioxidants, which support cardiac health. Also in addition to this, the starch and protein found in sorghum take longer than other similar products to digest. This slower digestion is particularly helpful for those with diabetes.

Traditionally this flour has been used as a cereal food to create pancakes, porridge's, and flat breads throughout different cultures, such as in India. In the United States it is fast becoming more common to use sorghum flour in gluten free baked goods as well as other baking methods. It can be added or substituted in any recipe that calls for flour such as in cakes, cookies, breads and muffins.

While some gluten free flours, such as rice flour, can add a gritty texture to cookies or bread, sorghum flour has a smoother texture that many people prefer, although it is a little darker in color. 
Due to its very mild taste, sorghum flour is a natural choice to incorporate into sweet breads, cookies, or other baked goods in your gluten free recipes.

To start with, try adding just 15% to 20% sorghum flour to your flour mixtures to make delicious breads, cakes, and cookies until you have tweaked  your own basic flour formula to your own needs and tastes. Bob's Red Mill flours are my choice of preference, because of their cost and availability in my area. I also prefer to make my own gluten free flour mixtures, as opposed to buying pre-made mixes, to save in cost.

I hope you will share how this flour works for you once you have given it a try!!!

Enjoy your G-F week!

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