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Monday, October 15, 2012

Plea to women everywhere to have breast exams....

Another sleepless night of many this past week, and so I find myself on the computer once again in the wee hours of the morning.( I threw that "wee" in there as I recently found out my family tree starts in Scotland)  I recently returned from a week of visiting family and find that I have not slept through the night since my return. What was suppose to be a fun visit has turned into many stressful days and nights...

If you have read my profile you will know a little of why I actually started this blog and my wheat free journey. For those of you who are new readers let me tell you my story.

Two years ago during my yearly mammogram they found a dark spot in the back of my right breast. I have been on a two year watch which not only entailed my yearly mammogram, but also a sonogram every six months to make sure there were no changes. Combining what was suppose to be my last sonogram to check up on this situation, and a short family visit, has turned into something just short of a nightmare.

I was excited to be at the end of this waiting period and to get a good report and finally put this behind me and move on....I had no doubt in my mind that everything was going to be okay as I lay on the exam table waiting for the results of the reading. This is how the situation panned out.

Technician: " Okay. Your next scheduled mammogram will be in April. We will send you a reminder in the mail and at that time he wants to have another sonogram done".

Me: " I thought this was the last sonogram needed as it is the end of the 2 year watch? Was something wrong, was there a change in the spot?"

Technician: " Well he thinks possibly there may have been a slight change from the past results, or it could just be a technical issue".

Me: " So your saying it has gotten bigger?"

Technician: " Well he thinks it might be a slight change of maybe 1-2 centimeters, or it could just be a  technical issue. If he thought it was serious he would have ordered a biopsy today".

WHAT THE HECK does that mean???? Now this I know from personal experience that 1-2 centimeters is not something to just overlook as I have a 5 centimeter cyst on my right kidney and know that it is about the size of a lime. So 1-2 centimeters to me IS a big deal!!!

I also feel that if it WAS a technical issue that another sonogram should have been taken then and there to rule out that possibility. This is my LIFE you are talking about!

Needless to say that after the initial shock has finally worn off I will be on the phone with my OB this morning with my concerns and complaints, as I feel this was not handled very well on the professional end of this matter.

I am still stunned in the fact that I was left to walk out the door wondering if I now have a growth inside me that might be becoming a serious issue and was just left ignored like I didn't matter. Maybe I am over reacting...maybe everything is okay...I just want to know!

I urge you women out there to please get your scheduled mammogram. The spot in my breast would not have been found without my having my routine checkup, as I physically felt no lump because it is so far back in the breast. Life is to precious to take chances!

As my profile reads.... I hope this blog will encourage you to take control of your life and live it as it was intended....To it's fullest! I want to be the kind of woman that when my feet hit the ground each morning , the devil says, "OH CRAP, SHE'S UP"! Prayerfully God will give me many more of such days...

I will keep you posted on any new results I hear.

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