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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eat..Pray..Love..& Groceries...

Last night I watched the movie "Eat..Pray..Love" with Julia Roberts, who by the way is a beautiful actress. I hadn't seen the movie for quite some time and I was exhausted after a long day in the kitchen tweaking a bread recipe to meet my own personal tastes, and I needed a break. Needless to say every loaf  I had made went into the trash. They were either too moist, to brown, or collapsed while baking.

There is a saying that goes... "Don't believe everything you hear"...well the same could be said for everything you read! How can you print a cook book and leave out important information such as the temperature to set the oven? I found this major detail out only after I had all the ingredients measured and ready to mix! I improvised, and used a 350 degree oven to bake the loaf as most bread recipes call for, and the bread browned too rapidly and collapsed along the way.

My second recipe rose too high in the oven and flopped over the edge of the pan as it baked.  I literally had to cut it out of the pan, so once again in the trash! To know me is to know that I am tough on myself. I once took a watercolor class and got frustrated when my painting didn't turn out as I thought  it should. The art teacher tried to explain that watercolor was not a art form that was "fixed", but that it had movement...Needless to say that it was the last watercolor class I took. If I put a tree in the center of my painting, I expected it to stay centered!

In the movie last night Julia Roberts is nicknamed "Groceries", bringing it to my attention that lately it seems that is all I do is buy groceries. I am forever running to the grocery store to buy this or that... I stock up on gluten free veggies when they are on sale. I buy bags of gluten free flours with the hope of perfecting perfect breads and sweet delights. I, like Julia in the movie, have become obsessed if even for different reasons. Her obsession it seems is to find happiness within herself through eating, meditation and love.

I am blessed to have many in my life to love, and without prayer I would be a lost soul. All I want is to finally eat a perfect slice of bread!!!!!!! Julia can be grateful that her search has ended, my journey will continue on....

Until next post have a great wheat free week.


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