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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ramblings of a bread making maniac...CONTEST.

This post is just ramblings of the past few days and the "bread' attempts that have mostly gone into the trash. I wonder if my Garbage Collector thinks a new family has moved in with all the extra trash he has had to collect lately...chuckle...chuckle...

All I can say is that I am determined to develop that PERFECT loaf of soft, moist, tender, bendable substance, that one calls bread! I think my legs are about to buckle from all the extra time I have spent in my kitchen these past few days and my back is locked into a upright position, but  I press on. I am obsessed it seem! I have reached the point where I am tired of spending upwards of $6.00 or more for what resembles more of  a glued together lump of sawdust, or having to purchase expensive mixes that have tasted pretty good for the most part, but are "not quite there".

My husband is about to question my sanity to say the least at this point! I guess as long as I feed him he will be okay. So on I press. Not only have I become obsessed with bread but also a great cupcake recipe (future contest). I love using rice flours and so my search continues.

If you have a bread recipe you would love to share I hope you will enter the contest. Email me at with your recipe which must include brown rice flour as one of the ingredients to qualify.The chosen winner will win a  $25 Visa card. ( All recipes submitted must have been personally baked and tested by you) All entries will be tested for taste, texture and moistness, and a the winner's recipe and name will be posted on the blog. Have friends that are gluten free??? Invite them to enter, the more the merrier. The contest ends on October 30th and winner will be announced on or around November 30th depending on the number of entries received.

Good luck and let the baking begin!

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