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Friday, August 31, 2012

Product review...Really Great Food Company's Rye bread mix...

Hi all. The weekend is here and I am almost ready for our family trip. I have my brownies and bread made, and my suitcase is almost packed. I have to finish up a few odds and ends and then  I will be done.

Before I leave for my trip I just had to take the time to tell you about this awesome bread mix I found from The Really Great Food Company. It is a Rye-Style bread mix and I have to say that although there is not a bit of rye flour in the mix  I could not tell the difference!!!

You can make the mix in a breadmaker or the oven and since I like to feel like Suzy Homemaker on occasion I made mine in the oven. Actually I am kind of a control freak when it comes to food these days if the truth be known ...  :-)

Although the recipe calls for eggs I used a egg substitute, and it came out perfect. It toasts to perfection and even a grilled cheese sandwich turned out great. I have to say that out of all the breads I have tried since going gluten free that this is at the very top of my list in texture and taste.

The company offers other bread mixes, as well as cookie and cake mixes, and I am anxious to try them all. If this mix is any indication of the quality of the others then I feel confident I will enjoy each and every one I try. The mixes are formulated by Chef Ann Sammartino who has a degree from the internationally renowned Johnson & Wales School of Culinary Arts. She also suffers from Celiac Disease so she is well tuned into the needs of others who must avoid gluten.

I really enjoyed the texture of the bread. It was dense enough for a good structure but moist enough so as not to be chewy. It rose and browned well, and as I mentioned before, the taste was as close to any of the rye breads on the market that are laden with wheat flour. This is  a real treat in a gluten free world.

White rice flour, potato starch flour, cornstarch, brown sugar, orange peel, caraway seeds, xanthan gum, salt. (Gluten free yeast packet is enclosed) You can view all their products at

Rating 5+ Stars

I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend, so until next post....Have a great wheat free day!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Product review....Butterfly Bakery Mini Blueberry muffins...

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are having a pleasant summer with family and friends. It is sad to see that summer is almost over as it seemed to have passed so quickly! I am looking forward to the last holiday gathering of the season this weekend with family before the Autumn weather soon approaches.

During the cooler months nothing beats a warm cup of tea or coffee and a great muffin to end your evenings. Butterfly Bakery was kind enough to send me a package of their Mini Blueberry muffins to sample, and this morning I indulged in a few, or more...remember, I did say mini...

These are a great little muffin loaded with blueberries and taste, so just one was not enough.They are only 80 calories for a serving of two, with just 6g of sugars. Not bad if you are watching your sugar intake.

Although they are small they pack a punch of flavor. They are soft, moist, and filled with wild blueberries. Although the texture is a little more like a cupcake than most muffins I am use to eating, they satisified my taste buds fairly well. This would make a excellent dessert for a afternoon tea.

Not all of the bakery's products are gluten free but they do offer a selection in this area, along with some sugar free products as well. You can find out more about the different products they offer and the company at: Butterfly Bakery
100% Teff flour, sugar, eggs, water, soybean oil, wild blueberries, non fat milk powder, baking powder, baking soda, salt, natural flavor, xanthan gum.

Rating 3 3/4 Stars

Have a great wheat free day!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Product review...Namaste Vanilla Cake Mix...

Hi all. I hope today is going well for you. I have been baking since early this morning trying new bread recipes, tweeking here and there with different flours, searching for that perfect blend. I have also decided to try a egg substitute as well when baking, as it seems I never have enough eggs in the house when most of my  recent "TRYS" have been dropped in the garbage pail...

I decided to try a Vanilla cake mix from Namaste today as we will be visiting my husbands family in Buffalo over the weekend and I need to be prepared with non wheat ladened items in tow for me to enjoy. There are always desserts galore lining the desert table when visiting and I refuse to be tempted!

This is the second time I have tried this particular cake mix from Namaste since I wasn't pleased with the first results thinking I must have done something wrong. So loaded with a few helpful tips from the company I decided to give it a try once more.

Since we will traveling over seven hours by car I thought it best to make cupcakes instead of a cake as they will travel slightly better. The mix makes 24 cupcakes, enough for traveling, and some for the freezer I thought. I followed the directions to the letter... The cupcakes rose quite well and had a wonderful scent while baking, same as the last time. I took them out of the oven when they were done and left them cool for over a hour. Since I hadn't been pleased with the way the previous batch had turned out I had decided to wait before mixing the icing packet they were also so kind to have sent, untill after I had sampled the results.

The cupcakes were soft and moist to the touch like most of the wheat laden cupcake mixes on the market. However the inside texture of the cake itself was a totally different story. They were moist, but almost had a elastic type texture when you tried to break a piece off. Although the flavor was spot on I just couldn't enjoy the texture in my mouth or the denceness.

This is the first cake mix I have used from this company and although the flavor was good I don't feel I would ever get a  "I can't believe this is gluten free" from anyone I might try to serve these to. They have more of a muffin/bread texture rather than a cake.

Maybe it's me....If you have had a better experience with this mix I would to hear from you. Maybe you can provide a tip or two for me as well as my readers.


Sweet brown rice flour, tapioca flour, brown sugar, evaporated cane juice, arrowroot flour, rice milk powder, baking soda, cream of tartar, salt, xanthan gum and ground vanilla bean.

Rating: 2 3/4 Stars

You can visit their home site at Namaste Foods

As always...Have a great wheat free day!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Product review...XO Baking Co. Pancake & Waffle Mix...

The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day! Not a day you would expect to have pancakes for breakfast, yet pancakes were on my mind...I recently received a GF Pancake & Waffle mix from XO Baking Co. and I have had a hankering for some soft tender cakes, and today was the day to indulge.

These pancakes were moist, tender, raised perfectly, and were quite tasty. Being that this was the first time I have tried any of the XO Baking products I was quite pleased. I am not the best pancake maker on the planet but I found that I did a fairly descent job this morning. Since I was the only one home for breakfast I had them all to myself!!!

XO Baking products are produced in a dedicated gluten free facility (manufactured in a facility that uses soy and milk). Along with being gluten free the products are also Kosher.  For those of you who live a Vegan lifestyle  XO Baking products also contain no milk or eggs, however they are not certified as Vegan. They are also 100% Trans fat free, and contain no artificial colors or flavors, using only unmodified ingredients.

The owner of  XO Baking Co.,  Lindsey Deitsch, is a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach as well as a  professional chef and baker. When finding she had Celiac Disease herself in 2009 she was determined to produce a product line for  herself, as well as others, that tasted delicious.

Organic coconut flour, high in fiber,  is found in all 16  of XO products. If you need to avoid soy then you will want to check out the companies All Purpose flour blend, Gingerbread Cookie mix, Banana Bread mix and their Cornbread mix which are all also soy free.

The nice thing about XO Baking is that all orders over $45 are shipped FREE!!! I have several other products from the company which I will be reviewing in the future, and can't wait to see if they are just as tasty. I have to say that this pancake mix is as close to the "real" wheat laden versions that I ate for all those years. The taste and texture were spot on. I would recommend this mix to everyone who craves a good old fashioned pancake.

Premium Cassava flour, unmodified potato starch, pure cane sugar, organic coconut flour, baking powder, sea salt, xanthan gum, organic vanilla flavor.
*Contains Coconut

Rating 5 Stars

To see XO's other products or to place a order visit their website at XO Baking Co.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Hi all. Now I do realize that we have several more weeks before Fall will actually arrive, but I like to have a good bowl of soup anytime of the year. Today it was overcast and gloomy, so what could be better than a warm bowl of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, Yum. I received several varieties of soup mixes from the good people at Frontier Soups and was really in the mood to try their Potato Leek Soup, and today was just the right day for it.

Now if you have never heard of the company before, then let me tell you a little about them. They are celebrating their 25th anniversary in business, so I believe that pretty much says it all! They are located in Waukegan IL, and most of the ingredients used in their mixes are grown on American farms. The mixes contain all natural premium ingredients, with no salt, preservatives or MSG added. Thirty one of their mixes are lab tested and certified as gluten free, although the facility is not dedicated gluten free. Along with the soup mixes they also offer dips, rubs and marinades (GF) and a few baking mixes that do contain gluten.

The soup was so easy to make. All I had to add was chicken broth, a few extra cubed potatoes and some heavy cream at the end. The taste was really good. The only thing I would wish is that the pieces of leeks and scallions would have been a little more tender. I will try adding a few more minutes of cooking time before adding the potato cubes next time, as I am sure this will solve the problem.You can also puree this soup the next day and serve cold. It took about 40 minutes from start to finish and a grilled cheese sandwich was the perfect combination. A one cup serving is just 180 calories with 0 sugars, and only 7g in carbs.


Potato cubes and slices, onion, leek, celery, scallions, herbs.

I enjoyed this particular soup and look forward to trying others in their line in the near future. After all, Fall is just around the corner :( Sorry!!! You can view and purchase their line of products at

Rating 4 1/2 Stars

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Qwackers product review...

Hi all. Today I want to tell you about a gluten free cracker,  Qwackers. If you like Gold fish crackers, but can't eat gluten, then this is a great alternative. The crackers come in 1 ounce bags and make great snack packs for lunches or on the go. No cheesy fingers here! Although the crackers are made for kids, they are a great treat for kids of all ages.

The crackers have a great cheddar taste with just a hint of salt. They are baked so you will find no trans fat here. They are also corn and sugar free which makes them a healthier alternative for kids.
They contain no preservatives, artificial ingredients or colors.The 1 ounce bag has 130 calories and serves one. Be careful, as they can be addictive...My grandsons both ate two bags in a setting and I had to hide mine to keep it safe!

White rice flour, sharp Cheddar,(pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, enzymes) Butter (cream, salt) Water, potato starch, tapioca starch, extract of annatto seed (for color) Cultured buttermilk, sea salt, guar gum, cream of tarter, baking soda
* Contains milk

These are a nice item to have on hand with little ones around, for in between meals, or just a quick snack. They are light, crunchy and cheesy. You can order from their web at QWACKERS

Rating 41/2 Stars

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Butterfly Bakery Chocolate chip cookies....

Hi all. Today I would like to share with you a product from the Butterfly Bakery in NJ who was kind enough to ship me some of their chocolate chip cookies for me to to sample and review. (they also sent me mini gluten free blueberry muffins which I will review separately) We all know I love my sweets, and I was excited to review yet another item that had chocolate in it.

The Butterfly Bakery was founded in 1998 by Brenda who is the founder and CEO when her mom was diagnosed with Diabetes. She wanted to be able to create sweets that her mother could still eat and enjoy, now that's a good daughter!  In addition to their gluten free line of just nine items, they also offer products which are sugar free, no sugar added, whole grain and low calorie, a little taste for everyone, with a total of 75 different products in all.

The chocolate chip cookies are a nice size, about 2 3/4 inches across, and come in a round 11 ounce tub which sells for $5.99 on their home site. I could tell before even opening the tub that these seemed to be a fairly delicate cookie, as several were already broken in half and there were lots of crumbles in the bottom of the container.

The taste reminded me somewhat of a mild, airy version of a shortbread cookie loaded with mini chocolate chips, and yet surprisingly enough they did hold up well to dunking in milk without falling apart. In my own personal opinion this is not your everyday chocolate chip cookie, although they did have a nice flavor the texture really threw me off quite a bit.

One cookie contains 137 calories, with twelve servings per container. Although they are gluten free they do contain milk and eggs is you have these allergy issues, and they are packaged in a plant that also manufactures products with nuts/peanuts.

Amaranth flour, teff flour, sugar, brown sugar, water, butter, soybean oil, chocolate chips, whole eggs, baking soda, salt, natural flavor.

If you would like more of a airy, delicate, shortbread type cookie loaded with chocolate chips then these are right up your alley. I have seen many of the Butterfly Bakeries products in the refrigerated bakery section of our local Giant Eagle stores recently. If you can't locate their products in stores local to you then visit their site at the  Butterfly Bakery for more information.

Rating 3 1/4 Stars 

Although the taste was indeed good it did not have that "original" chocolate chip cookie taste and texture that I prefer. These may however make a excellent pie crust in the near future...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Gluten Free Pantry's chocolate truffle brownies...

Step aside Duncan Heinz...(sorry) but I do believe you have met your equal when it comes to brownies! As you may know from past posts, I have always been a great Duncan Heinz fan, that was before my wheat/gluten free days that is...I had always found that out of all the brownie mixes on the store shelves that I always seemed to return to my fave....Duncan Heinz.

Being wheat/gluten free for many months now I have tried several different brands of brownies, some I have written about, some not. I have to begin by saying that Gluten free Pantry did not ask me to sample and review their product, and this review is being done on my own. I am posting about their Chocolate Truffle Brownie mix because I just had to share.

First let me say that if you are looking to cut calories, read no more, but if it is a awesome deep rich chocolate, creamy, melt in your mouth to die for brownie that you crave, then read on....WOW! Just when I thought I had already found a brownie mix worthy of stocking my pantry shelves.....

I found this company by accident while searching the web, and since I am still learning and trying new things in this new lifestyle of living wheat/gluten free, I ordered several boxes of their brownie mix to save on shipping costs later, should I like them. I am so glad that I did!

These brownies are EXCELLENT in taste and texture.The box makes 12 servings at 150 calories each and are so rich and chocolaty that one serving is all you need. I haven't had a brownie this good so far since my Duncan Heinz days...

Although I have found many products which I love and have actually replaced the wheat laden versions I use to eat, some are just substitutes until can find something better along the way. This is the case here. I am so glad I ordered two boxes, just wish I had ordered more!

Eggs, melted butter, and nuts (if you desire) are all that's needed  to make this mix. Prefer a lower fat version?  The box even has directions for you.

Sugar, chocolate chips (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla extract) cocoa powder processed with alkali, white rice flour, potato starch, corn starch, xanthan gum, salt.
*Contains Soy

This mix is a product of Canada, distributed by Glutino which offers a full line of more than 80 products, many of which I am sure you may be familiar with.

You can order this brownie mix from Allergy Free Kosher, click on  Cakes & Pastry Mixes,  then go to bottom of  Page 2 and order for just $4.95.

I know you will enjoy them as much as I did. Oh by the might want to order more than just one!!!

Rating 5 Stars
Have a blessed wheat free day!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quick, easy and delicious!

Hi all. Yesterday I had made some Brown & Wild Rice Fusion for my side dish from Goose Valley for dinner as you remember. Well today I was stumped for lunch ideas and I was getting pretty hungry. So to avoid eating a whole pan of brownies which I had made last night...I needed to come up with a lunch solution, and fast!

I remembered a Spanish rice recipe my mom use to make when we were kids and short on groceries right before payday. Hamburg, rice, tomatoes, green peppers and onions, most items came from our garden...well with the exception of the hamburg and rice that is :)

Well I had no green peppers on hand, and I really wasn't in the mood for hamburg,  but I did have all the other ingredients on hand and a can of Garbanzo beans to replace the protein in the meat, so on with the cooking!

First I changed out chopped garlic in place of the onion, opened a can of diced tomatoes, a can of garbanzo beans and some of the cooked leftover rice from last nights dinner. Within five minutes a  hot delicious meal filled with fiber and protein was on the table. What could be quicker or healthier!

I have added the recipe below which you can use as a starting point. Like mushrooms...add a few. If you have green pepper's, then by all means throw them in. That's what leftovers are all about, right? This was quick, easy and delicious and I must say I even went back for seconds!!!

Sharon's "Spanish Rice" Recipe

1 teas minced garlic
2 T olive oil...I LOVE Newman's Own
1 - 14 1/2 oz can diced tomatoes
1 - 16 oz can garbanzo beans, drained
1/4 - 1/2 teas crushed red peppers
2 cups precooked ( leftover) rice
Salt & Pepper to taste
Saute garlic in oil for about a minute on medium heat in a large skillet. Toss in can of diced tomatoes, juice and all. Add the drained garbanzo beans and simmer for about 3 minutes until tomatoes and beans are heated through. Add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of crushed red  peppers, 2 cups of precooked rice, and cook an additional minute or two until rice is  heated thoroughly and it has thickened a little, then serve.This goes great with a crusty slice of buttered bread. Serves 4
I hope you enjoy as much as I did. Have a great wheat free day...until next time.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Enjoy Life's Seed & Fruit mixes...

Good morning all. Today I want to tell you about a delicious snack mix from Enjoy Life. I have to tell you that this company is one of my favorites by far. I haven't been disappointed with any of their products I have tried, including their seed and fruit mixes. Their Mountain Mix is loaded with sunflower kernels, pumpkin seeds, raisins, apples, chocolate chips and cranberries. This mixture is my favorite of the two as it contains.....yes you guessed it....chocolate chips.  The Beach Bash is a mixture of sunflower kernels, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, cranberries and apricots. Okay, so in all honesty it is a tie in flavors for me! They are both so delicious that I have a hard time deciding as both are loaded with crunchy seeds and moist chewy fruits.

These mixes are made to be gluten free as well as free from the eight most common allergens such as wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, shellfish.They are both tasty and filling. I find less guilt in grabbing a handful of these mixes father than reaching for a candy bar.

A 1/4 cup serving  of the Mountain Mambo has only 140 calories, the Beach Bash has 130 calories for the same size serving.  The sugar count on both is only 9g as apposed to 19g to 21 g on the variety of candy bars I now have laying on my kitchen counter.

They come in reclosable bags for easy storage, and make a quick filling snack for anytime of the day. I really enjoyed sampling these mixes and look forward to what Enjoy Life might come up with next in their line! Stop by their site for more products and information at Enjoy Life Foods

 Rating  5 Stars

Until next post...Have a great wheat free day!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Goose Valley Brown & Wild Rice Fusion...

Recently I had received several varieties of rice mixes to review from my friends at Goose Valley. Today I needed a quick side dish for dinner, so I decided to try their Brown & Wild Rice Fusion mix. Goose Valley Wild Rice's are gluten free whole grains, high in fiber and protein. They are also the largest certified wild rice producers around. They use only organic fertilizes with no pesticides or herbicides. The company is family-owned and uses organically certified facilities to process their rice, so you can be sure you are getting a certified gluten free product.
Although their site offers loads of recipe's I opted to cook the rice the old fashioned way....plain, so as to be able to freeze the extra and  use it in several more recipes along the way. I find it is  always easier to cook in bulk, then freeze leftovers,  saving me time in the long haul.
The cooking directions are easy enough. Water, rice and a covered pan. Following the directions on the bag the rice cooked perfectly. I was amazed at the texture, which was quite uniform, even though this particular blend has four different rices in the mix. CalMati Brown rice, Wild rice, Heirloom Red rice, ans Calmochi Sweet Brown rice.
Each particular kind of rice cooked to the texture and density of its own characteristics. They each had unique individual flavors, each playing off one another to perfect a pleasing taste. I thought I was going to have to add butter or seasonings to flavor the rice since I was using this as a side dish for tonight's dinner,  but I was mistaken. The rice was a tasty blend all on its own with a slight hint of spice and nectar. The Brown & Wild Rice Fusion comes in a resealable 10 once bag and serves 8
Other flavors the company carries are:
Certified Organic Wild Rice   5 oz serves 4   10 oz serves 8
Natural Wild Rice   5 oz serves 4   10 oz serves 8
Basmati & Wild Rice Fusion  10 oz serves 8
Arboria & Wild Rise Risotto   11oz serves 6
Rice & Bean Fusion  8 oz serves 6
Goose Valley has loads of recipes ranging from appetizers and soups, to  main course dishes and more on their site for you to try and enjoy. I really enjoyed this product and will be purchasing more in the near future.You can view their site at Goose Valley for products, recipes and more about the company.
Rating   5 Stars

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gluten free flours...

I realize there are many gluten free flour mixes and blends on the market, but having the knowledge about each individual gluten free flour and the many ways in which it can be used, is a beneficial tool. So therefore I have listed many gluten free flours with information about each so as to better equip you in your baking adventures.

Amaranth Flour: From Amaranth grain, considered to be gluten-free it has a sweet taste.
 Bean Flours:Baked goods made with bean flours have a desirable texture, are moist, have higher levels of protein and fiber.
Black Bean Flour: Gluten free used for bean dips, fillings in Mexican dishes and other foods. 
White Bean Flour: A variety of flour most often used in gluten free baking in combinations with other beans. This flour is an excellent mild flour to use with breads, cookies, muffins and other baked goods.
Fava Bean Flour: Made from ground Fava beans, this light colored flour is often used in combination with Garbanzo flour in gluten free baking.
Garbanzo Bean Flour: A variety of flour that is most often used in East Indian and Gluten-free cooking. Garbanzo beans, also known as chickpeas, are processed into a flour that is very similar to millet providing a rich sweet flavor to baked foods. This flour may be listed as besan flour.            
Garfava flour: This flour is a blend of chick-pea flour and fava bean flour and can be used like chick-pea flour.
Buckwheat flour: Considered gluten-free. Musty, robust flavor.
Cassava Flour: Ground from the cassava root, this flour is creamy-white with a slightly fermented flavor and sour taste.Gluten free, it is used to replace wheat flour, and is so-used by some people with allergies to other grain crops.
Coconut flour: Coconut flour is made from ground dried coconut meal. It can replace up to 25% of flour used in most recipes. High fiber content.
Coconut Flour: Is made from dried ground coconut meats. It can be substituted for up to 25% of flours used in most recipes. High fiber contant.
Chia Flour: Flour made from ground Chia seeds. Said to be most like wheat flour in texture and taste when used for baking. Has great health benefits and Omega 3's.
Corn flour: Finely ground corn. Gluten-free and bland slightly sweet flavor.
Masa Harina: Finely ground corn flour used to make authentic Mexican tortillas. It is made from corn soaked in lime then dried before grinding. Literally translated from Spanish it means "dough flour".
Millet flour: Ground from the millet seeds. It is gluten-free and has a buttery, slightly sweet taste.
Nut flours:Made by grinding nuts, these flours are excellent in desserts.High in protein and low in carbohydrates.For long storage, keep in freezer or refrigerator.
Almond Flour:Almond flour is simply ground blanched almonds. It is used as a thickener, a replacement for wheat flour, and a base for cakes and puddings. It is still an essential ingredient in Viennese confections.
Cashew Flour: Made from ground raw cashews, this flour can be added to your favorite cookies or cakes for a surprising taste treat.        
Chestnut flour: This tan flour is made from American chestnuts, the meaty, low fat nuts that are often served as a vegetable. The flour is a little sweet and is traditionally used in Italian holiday desserts.        
Pistachio flour: Ground from pistachio nut, great for desserts, as well as other baking.
Oat flour: Sweet and nutty flavor this flour is made by de-hulling oats and grinding the remain groats. It has a high oil content.
Pea Flour: Gluten free, this flour can be used to thicken soups or to make a hearty pea soup.Also use as natural colorant in baking, noodle making and other foods.
Plantain Flour: Dried and ground plantains produce a gluten-free flour, which can be used in breads, cakes, cookies and rolls.
Potato flour: Made from dehydrated potatoes. This is a white velvety flour, sweetly pungent. Gluten-free. Do not mistake this for potato starch. They are two different products.
Quinoa flour: Higher in fat than wheat flour, quinoa flour makes baked goods moister. Often used in gluten free baking.
Rice flour: Ground from the whole grain. Sweet in flavor. Gluten-free. Brown rice flour is made from whole grain; white rice flour from de-branned rice. Sweet rice flour is made from sweet rice, more starchy.
Sorghum flour: Another gluten-free flour. Ground from sorghum berries is imparts a sweet flavor. Sometimes labeled as Juwar flour.
Soy flour: Slightly bitter flavor, manufactured by milling soybeans. The full fat flour contains all the natural oil of the bean.
Spelt flour: Ground from spelt, it has a mild nutty flavor and is high in protein but low in gluten. It is sometimes substituted for wheat flour in making bread for the gluten and wheat intolerant.
HOWEVER, many Celiac patients find they may also be intolerant of this flour.Available in whole spelt flour and white spelt flour, which is made from de-branned spelt grain.
Sweet Potato Flour:A gluten free flour that is produced from white sweet potatoes. Dull white in color, sweet potato flour is stiff in texture and somewhat sweet tasting. High in fiber, this flour contains more carbohydrates but less protein than common flour. It can be used for baked goods, such as breads, cookies, muffins, pancakes, doughnuts, sauces, and gravies, or as a thickener.
Tapioca flour: Milled from the dried starch of the cassava root, this flour thickens when heated with water and is often used to give body to puddings, fruit pie fillings, and soups. It can also be used in baking.
Teff flour: From T’eff grain, this is an ancient Ethiopian flour.Used to make unleavened bread, soups and other African foods, teff is available in both the natural brown and the natural ivory varieties.

If you have a favorite flour combination you use and would love to share, please leave a comment under this post.
As always...Have a great wheat free day!
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wow. Last night was one of those nights when I kept waking up throughout the night with too many thoughts racing through my mind! I have dozens of products to review, a house to clean, posts to write, and on top of that I have been fighting a sore throat and a cough. I guess" it never rains but what it pours" as my mom would say.

I finally fell asleep on the couch after several hours of tossing and turning to awaken this morning  to several construction vehicles parked in front of our house. They are working down the block on Townhouses and it seems that the front our house seems to be their chosen place for designated parking.

 Realizing that I nor my husband had set the garbage can out on the curb for pick up this morning  I threw on some clothes and completed the task before starting my day. So far I have also dropped of a letter that needed to go in today's mail, made the bed, fed the cat, ate breakfast, read scripture form the bible, said my prayers, and checked my daily e-mails. Restless night...hectic morning.

This brings me to the reason of this post. Recently I received a picture of a child which  I have sponsored through Compassion for the past ten years, her name is Griselda. She was just five years old when I started sponsoring her, and this year she will graduate high school. Where has the time gone?

I have received countless letters from her over the past years, all  translated into English for my benefit as she lives in Bolivia, and all of which I have kept. Along the way I have learnt about her family, subjects she likes and dislikes. I have heard stories about field trips, family birthdays, the birth of her pet dogs puppies and more. Like the construction down the block, from start to finish, I have been with her along the way.

This is how my wheat free adventure feels like on many days...CONSTRUCTION.
In a home the electrical has to be put in the exact placement in order for the heating and cooling to function, or the electric to even work. The walls have to provide enough structure to hold the weight of the ceiling and the roof .Yes, even the plumbing must have just the right degree of slant in order for the drains to perform properly. The construction crew may have the best laid blueprints to follow, yet even then, sometimes changes need to be made, or specifications adjusted slightly.

This is the same with my wheat free living journey. Sometimes I need to adjust my eating when away from home visiting family. Gluten free products such as bread are not always available so I have to resort to eating more fruits and salads than I normally would. Sometimes I have to turn down desserts that I might crave to insure that I am true to myself in this adventure. Changes in my "blueprints" are sometimes something that I can't avoid. I am finding I am okay with this....As long as I am reaching my ultimate goal, being  honest with myself, and reaching the completion of the constuuction I have started. I realize the little changes in my blueprints are only a small part in the completion of my better health, so I continue on with the construction, happily.

Until next post...Have a great wheat free day!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

popchips at Costco's...

Hi everyone. I hope your day is going as well as mine is. I sat down for a snack earlier and just had to share this amazing product with you,  popchips.....I found these delicious chips this past week while shopping at our local Costco store, and only got around to trying them today.

These chips are made with potatoes (flakes) but are popped, not fried, and never baked, so they are a much healthier alternative to snacking. Fried chips just put a lot of stuff in there that we could all do without. And baking chips takes a lot of flavor out. So at popchips they found a way to pop all the flavor in, while keeping all the fake stuff, and at least half the fat of regular flavored chips out.
There are no fake colors, no fake flavors, no preservatives, and no grease, no hydrogenated oils or  MSG along with no preservatives.

WOW! I just couldn't quit eating them. The great part about it is most of their flavors are only anywhere between 100-120 calories per serving! The only flavor Costco had was the Parmesan Garlic and it was less than $5.00 for a 15 oz bag so I bought one to try.  The 15oz bag contains about 15 servings, which averages out to about $.33 a serving.

The flavor was super. They are crunchy, yet seem to just melt in your mouth. The united flavors of the Parmesan cheese and garlic didn't outweigh the chip, and was quite a treat. Knowing I was eating healthier and still satisfying my "snack" attack made me feel good.

popchips offers nine other flavors: Original, Barbecue, Sour Cream & Onion, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Sweet Potato, Jalapeno Cheddar, Salt & Pepper, Chili Lime, and Thai Sweet Chili.

The company recently also introduced a line of Tortilla products with four great flavors: Nacho Cheese, Ranch, Salsa, Chili Limon.You can order the products from their web site in bulk either in 12 or 24 count packs or look for them in your area. They have been written about in such magazines as Shape, Men's Health, Fitness, and Eat This Not That, just to name a few. They are also a certified gluten free product, and most of their products are also Vegan and Vegetarian safe.(Please check ingredients)

Ingredients: (for the Parmesan Garlic Potato flavor that I tried)

Potato Ingredients (potato flakes, potato starch) Sunflower, Safflower, and/or Canola oil, Seasoning(Maltodextrin, whey, salt, dextrose, Parmesan cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), Natural flavors, Garlic powder, parsley, yeast extract, citric acid, lactic acid)Rice flour.

Rating: 5 Stars....I can't wait to try their other flavors!

You can visit their site at popchips, and as always have a GREAT wheat free day!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Pure Pantry... pancake review...

This morning I woke up to rather ominous looking skies here in Ohio and felt like I needed something to help lift the "gloom" that seemed to surround me. Something warm and comforting such as.....Pancakes...

I had recently received some pancake mix from thepurepantry and immediately whipped up some batter, then sat down to a breakfast of pancakes lathered in maple syrup, sliced banana and OJ. Great way to start the day.

This is a organic buckwheat flax pancake and baking mix, and although there is the word wheat in the name, there is virtually no wheat in this product! Buckwheat does not contain wheat!!!!Actually this mix is not only free of gluten, but also contains NO dairy, soy, nuts or eggs, making it also great for Vegans. All of thepurepantry's products are batch tested for absence of gluten to insure that they are certified gluten free, it is a product that is made in  USA and is also organic.

The pancakes were light, fluffy, and quite delicious. Although the texture is not as fluffy as basic pancakes made with white flour, the taste was great. I felt as if I was eating a whole grain pancake without all the guilt or ingredients I no longer want in my diet.

 Now I am not the best pancake maker in the world by any means, but I must say that I didn't do too bad of a job and ended up with quite uniform shaped cakes this morning. All in all I felt pretty good about my accomplishment, and pleasantly pleased with the taste.


Organic buckwheat flour, organic brown rice flour, organic flax meal, organic white rice flour, aluminum free baking powder, baking soda, sea salt, xanthan gum.

Rating: 5 Stars

You can view their other products such as their Old fashioned pancake and baking mix, Chocolate chip cookie mix, Organic sugar cookie mix, Wholegrain oatmeal cookie mix, Wholegrain dark chocolate cake mix, Organic all purpose baking mix and numerous recipes at thepurepantry

Also if you live near Carlsbad California you can sign up for Elizabeth's cooking classes, or order her book from the site if you don't live near by.

I hope you enjoy, and as always....Have a great wheat free day!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quattrobimbi products from Italy...

With summer upon us I have been longing for some great pasta salad, so yesterday I decided to finally bread down and make some since I had received several packages of gluten free noodles from Quattrobimbi that I was anxious to try.

Now being fairly new to this wheat/gluten free lifestyle and still in the experimenting stages with many foods,  I have tried my fair share of different noodles and have had some not so favorable experiences with many, but this was not the case with this product. Although the noodles cooked up a little larger than most elbows I have been use to over the years,  the taste was remarkable.

The company has a expanding product line, LeVeneziane, Le Asolane, Farmo, and Farabella with products ranging from gluten free pastas to bread sticks, cake, bread and pizza mixes, gnocchi and even baked cookies.

The pasta I used was the MACCHERONCINI from their Bi Aglut line. Following the directions on the bag I cooked the noodles for exactly 8 minutes, setting my timer so as not to over cook. The noodles were plump with just the right texture and the taste was excellent. I really would have had a difficult time telling they were gluten free if I had not cooked them myself. To be honest I had to go back and check the labeling on the bag to be sure!

The ingredients listed are: Cornstarch,potato flour, lupin flour, lupin proteins, mono and diglycerides(emulsified) THIS PRODUCT IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH PEANUT ALLERGIES. CONTAINS LUPIN FLOUR AND LUPIN PROTEIN.

This is a product of Italy...boy do they know their pasta, and the particular Le Veneziane noodles I used are manufactured for H J  HEINZ Co. in Pittsburgh Pa., so you can probably find them at your local supermarket.

After tossing all my extra  ingredients in with the drained pasta I popped it in the refrigerator for about a hour and served it with BBQ ribs for dinner. My husband enjoyed every bite as did I, and he never asked if it was GF...(I am weening him off of wheat/gluten gradually without his knowledge).
Being an Italian himself I have to say he knows his pasta, and since he never asked if it was gluten free, says it all.

I would highly recommend this product and can't wait to try the penne noodles with sauce very soon:)
You can visit their site and view all their products at:Quattrobimbi-Gluten Free from Italy

Rating: 5 Stars