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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Namaste bread mix product review...

I have been looking for that special gluten free bread mix to meet all my needs or a great gluten free recipe, which I have yet to find,  to make in my recently purchased bread maker. The fact is I have tried quite a few bread mixes and although most have supplied many of my needs, they have not quite hit the "mark". I thought I would give Namaste's bread mix a try since they were so kind to supply me with a free mix.
I followed my bread makers directions to the "T", adding all the wet ingredients first, then the dry. The bread filled the room with a warm aroma while baking.
After it finished baking, I let the bread cool completely and cut it in uniform slices on my Presto bread slicing system. I was excited to see how easy the bread was to slice. I noticed very little crumbling or breakage. It was very soft and moist,  with a crisp crunchy crust. So far so good, now on to the taste test.
I made a egg salad sandwich with sliced tomato and lettuce. My mistake was I didn't toast the bread first. I found the bread to be almost too moist, because it seemed almost as soft and gooey as the egg salad itself, although the texture seemed fairly smooth with lots of nooks and crannies.  On a brighter note, the flavor seemed very much like a traditional white bread and held its own a little better when toasted. 
I would rate this bread mix 3- 1/4 Stars

Brown Rice Flour
Sorghum Flour
Tapioca Flour
Arrowroot Flour
Rice Milk Powder
Evaporated Cane Juice
Millet Flour
Xanthun Gum
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