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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weigh in...Week 9

So this week has been quite a week with all the product reviews, grocery shopping, cooking and freezing future dinners,  and still I have maintained the same weight and dropped a 1/4 inch from my stomach and I am feeling good.
I must admit I have had trouble sleeping a few nights but I blame that on the large amount of ice tea I have drank this past week...Tea and caffeine, and a good nights sleep do not work well for me!
I have also had a headache a few of those days....Caffeine?
The only real thing I did different this week was to hold in my stomach muscles whenever I remembered, to help strengthen them.
Well today is sunny and warm so I plan on taking a walk and enjoying the out of doors. Have a great wheat free day! :)

Week 1:                                                       Week 9:
Weight      131.8                                           Weight    128.6
Waist        37 "                                              Waist      33 1/2 "
Stomach    40"                                               Stomach  36 1/2 "
Hips           38 "                                             Hips         37 1/4 "

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