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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weigh in week 8...

I don't know where you live but where I am the weather is rainy and chilly. Lets hope my weekly progress can brighten my day!

Week 1:                                        Week 8:
Weight      131.8                            Weight       128.6
Waist         37 "                              Waist         33 1/2 "
Stomach    40 "                               Stomach    36 3/4 "
Hips          38 "                               Hips           37 1/4 "

My waist and hips are both down 1/4 " from last weeks weigh in, and down quite a bit from when I first started my wheat free living adventure. Remember as I said in the beginning of this quest..."Slow and steady wins the race".
My lifestyle is not ordinary by any means. I go to bed and arise at different times each day. I sometimes am so busy during the day that overlooking lunch is not unheard of, so I snack quite allot. (usually on wheat free sweets) Sorry!
I am here...there...everywhere. I love that aspect of my "NOW" life after years of following a strict routine of jobs and raising my children. I intend to make my retirement everything I have always dreamt of.
This new eating adventure is amazing. It gives me the time and options of experimenting with foods I virtually never knew existed,  like flax, almond meal, coconut butter and flours. I never realized I was going through life with blinders on when it came to food choices. There are so many choices and options that have opened up to me, and hopefully to you.
I hope your new wheat free living adventure is bringing you steady results also. Till next post...Have a wheat free kind of day!

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