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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Product review...Chappaqua Crunch granolas...

This morning was cold and rainy, like most of this past week has been. A warm bowl of oats would have been inviting, but since my gluten free batch of oats needs replenished, I decided to try a bowl of  gluten free *Simply Granola,* compliments of  Chappaqua Crunch.
Although the six original varieties of Chappaqua Crunch granola are wheat  free, they do have two additional varieties that are also gluten free which come in a Flax and Fruit flavor and Vanilla and Flax flavor. I decided to try the Flax and fruit since I could see the whole almonds peeking through the see through window of the package just calling my name!
I was not disappointed. The oats were roasted to a satisfying crunch with just the right amount of sweetness added. It contains real fruits and nuts, and the almonds were crisp and crunchy. I could not taste the flax as I do with most brands, although I know it is in this particular variety as it is listed on the label . The oats stayed crunchy in the milk, and even though I like milk with my breakfast granola and cereals, this would be great right from the bag as a snack!
The Fruit and Flax granola variety contains: Gluten Free whole grain rolled oats, evaporated cane juice, roasted almonds, raisins, sweetened dried cranberries, oat bran, sunflower seeds, honey, flax seed meal, non-GMO canola oil, maple syrup and spices.
 The thing I really liked about this granola other than the fact that it tasted great, is the fact that it is certified organic. It contains No trans fats, NO preservatives, NO artificial flavor, NO cholesterol and NO high fructose corn syrup or other corn sweeteners, and NO genetically modified ingredients. It is also an excellent source of whole grains and fiber. Now this is what a heart healthy breakfast should consist of.
The Flax and Fruit variety  for a 1/3 cup serving has only 110 calories, only contains 3g of total fat, 0 cholesterol, 3g dietary fiber and 4g of sugars.
My husband usually eats granola most mornings for breakfast, and loved the taste and texture of their Vanilla and Flax variety. He said it reminded him of a Snickerdoodle cookie, and since he is a diabetic and therefore tries to avoid most sugar laden products, this was a real treat.
If purchasing the granola from their home site the Gluten free varieties cost $5.75 per 12 oz bag of about 11 servings and the wheat free varieties are $4.75 per 12 oz bag for approximately a 11 serving bag. The bags have a zipper seal which helps keep it  fresh and aides with the elimination of having to place in  airtight containers, making it easy to store. It also has a see through window in the front of the package so you can see the product you are getting.
Although I have not been able to find Chappaqua's products local to my area, the shipping and handling is also fairly reasonable ranging from $7 for a $20 order and up to $12 for orders of $100.  If you purchase 12 bags of any one flavor you can also save 10% on the cost of the granola.
The six "wheat free" flavors are Original Granola, Simple Granola, Simple Granola  with pomegranate and flax, Simple Granola with cranberries, Simple Granola with raspberries, Simple Granola with blueberries and bananas.
This company offers a favorable variety whether you are eating  wheat free, or gluten free, and this product will now be added to my pantry as a regular staple. I can't wait to try the other flavors!
I would rate this product 5 Stars and would highly recommend it.
You can visit their site at:

* Note about Wheat Free from Chappaqua:
We do not use wheat in our granola or our baking facility. The possibility exists that oats can be contaminated with other grains during harvest, transport or milling. We have our granola tested several times a year for gliadin, a component of gluten. The last test was conducted in July, 2010 and was negative at the 10 ppm level. A copy of our COA is available on request.

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