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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Product review...Breads from Anna - GF Classic Herb

Last night I made a GF Classic Herb bread by Breads from Anna. Until recently when baking bread I have only used the Oven method directions, but for this one I made it  in my new Black and Decker bread machine which makes a tall high loaf using the GF setting, although Anna gives you directions to make it both ways.
When first reading the ingredients list it didn't sound all that appealing to me. Tapioca flour, arrowroot flour, millet flour, maple sugar, potato starch, chia flour, pinto bean flour, navy bean flour, chickpea flour, onion flakes, rosemary, thyme, sage, parsley, yeast, xanthan gum, sea salt. By the time I got to the last eight ingredients it sounded a little better...
These mixes do contain bean flours so if you have problems tolerating bean flours these breads might not be the best choice for you. However if your allergens include dairy, soy, corn, nuts, wheat and even rice then read on, as these mixes might just be the best "bread fix" you could ever hope to find!
The bread had a perfect rise, it almost touched the window in my bread machine. The bread was soft, light and delicious with just the perfect amount of herbs. It had a delicious great whole grain flavor which was disarmingly similar to breads made with gluten with a outstanding texture.
The aroma of the bread during the baking cycle filled the kitchen with a sweetness similar to walking through a herb garden on a warm summer day. The bread didn't sink when cooling and sliced beautifully. Although the top of the loaf  wasn't perfectly  rounded  this is the only negative thing I could say about this bread. I cheated and sliced off the top crust while the bread was still warm and lathered it in butter. Wow! I felt as I was in an expensive Italian restaurant and was being served hot Italian bread and dipping oil..........Mmmmm.
This bread freezes very well and makes excellent toasted bread for sandwiches on even grilled cheese. Great for making BLT's.
Breads from Anna's  product  line includes bread, pancake, muffin and pie crust mixes. They are all wheat/gluten, soy, nut, and rice free. Many of her mixes are also yeast, dairy and corn free. They are filled with healthy grains, contain lots of fiber but NO fillers or loads of added sugars.
I would give  this Classic Herb bread 5 Stars!
You can purchase many of her products by clicking the  GLUTEN FREE MALL button to the right top of page, or by visiting their home site at

NUTRITION FACTS for Classic Herb Bread:
Serving Size 28g
Servings per container 21
Amount per serving
Calories 90
Calories from fat 0g
Total Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 115mg - 5%
Total Carbohydrates 16g - 5%
Dietary Fiber 3g - 11%
Sugars 2g
Protein 2g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 4%
Iron 4%


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